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Suitable Stages for Implementation of Test Automation in SDLC

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These days when tools & technology are available in abundance, automated testing is considered the prime resource to improve the efficiency of any software testing process. Sound planning, clear definition of roles of people involved in automated testing, adequate tools, their implementation & control are essential for the success of the automated tests in an organization.Automated testing tools must not be misunderstood as replacement of testers, nor they will make their work simpler. Actually their effort will be redirected to essential activities of the test automation process. That is why, it is essential to groom up the group, because the success of automated testing depends predominantly on their skills. Test-Stages Automation: When the automation can not be applied to the entire test process, it can be conveniently used to execute the punctual tests. This occurs normally with some types of tests – like load and performance tests; simply because they are truly difficult to be performed without the help of a tool, requiring big effort and many computational resources.

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