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Positive Thinking, Persistence Pay Off in Job Search !! Never Give Up !!

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Positive Thinking, Persistence Pay Off in Job Search !! Never Give Up !!


A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence. - Jim Watkins


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Well said admin, one should make their own way when not sure where to go.

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    • By krazyaxe
      PART I : THE CONFUSION[/font]
      As long as I was studying in some mid-tier engineering college everything was a breeze. No worries, just had to clear all subjects in the current semester and I was good. But I had to graduate sometime and this is where it all started.[/font]
      2010 was the year, I was kicked out of college with a computer science degree and a score of 70%. But with no coding knowledge what so ever, all thanks to my professors at the college who themselves didn't know how to do it and just followed the textbook. It's not that I blame them but it's just that they didn't inspire me to learn how to code.[/font]
      So now the job hunt. So much excitement, so much joy that I don't have to study anymore. I was like I'll just get a job as Software Engineer, good package.. friends... girlfriends... party.... all night... But what do you know? Things didn't go my way. And the confusion began. So I was not at all good at aptitude and I had no coding experience and I was too lazy to go out for a walk-in. So I decided to waste more of my parent's money on a JAVA course at Aptech Institute. So much excitement which soon turned out to be boring class and same old teaching mechanism from textbook... syntax, pseudo-codes and algorithms... but at-least the guy teaching did know how to code. I just hate how things are taught to us.. textbook teaching... without telling me the practical application/purpose of the theory.[/font]
      So now coming back to the confusion... I quit the JAVA course and didn't bother to take the test and get the certificate. Started applying for jobs... didn't get the call.. and just didn't go for walk-ins. A few months went by and it was already December 2010. Finally gave up my hopes on becoming a Software Engineer and decided to go for tech support as I was a Rockstar in fixing computers in my college. So IBM Tech Support was the first interview I ever gave and unfortunately it went south as I didn't know how interviews work.[/font]
      And then it was January 2011, when I took my second interview at HP Tech Support and aced it. Started working for them and got a decent package for starters. Again was a Rockstar in Tech Training.... Not so much of a Rockstar in soft skills training. Was excited for a while and it was time to party... Soon after that I started taking calls… and realized that this not what I had in mind. It’s easy fixing computers in person but over the phone? For a person, who doesn’t get my accent… So finally after 2 months of training and 1 month on the floor taking calls.. I decided to call it quits… On one fine Monday I woke up and stopped going to office…[/font]
      Soon after that it was time to get serious. I had wasted enough time making a career choice. I always had an idea of becoming an entrepreneur since my engineering days. So decided to give it a try and build a website which would become popular overnight. Since I had no coding experience I decided to build the website with website builders. Even though i built a website, I soon realized that I need coding experience. [/font]
      Then one day I was browsing through ChetanAS and found about an internship opportunity with a startup, [/font]Credi[/font]i. They had posted a challenge to create a micro blogging site using ruby on rails.[/font]
      Found it interesting so I applied for it and they gave me a time frame of 1 month to complete the task. Took time to learn ruby on rails and successfully built a micro-blogging site and hosted it on heroku. Sent them the link and they checked it out. By the way here is the link for that site [/font]http://cafeblog.heroku.com/[/font] . Soon they took a casual Interview at Barista cafe. And I become an intern in their startup. Apparently I was the only one who took the challenge and completed it.[/font]
      Worked there for a month and decided to quit even though I enjoyed working there and learning coding from them since I had to travel 2 hours to get there and 2 hours get back home. Soon I got a Job in another small time company near my home as ruby on rails trainee. Even though I didn’t like the company I enjoyed learning ruby on rails and decided to stick with it for a while. And one of best friend joined the same company a month after me.. More on this later…[/font]
      PART II : OUR START UP[/font]
      So while working in this so called company i gained enough coding experience to build a web application on my own. So me and my best friend decided to work on an idea which was basically a online barter site where a person “A” can exchange stuff he/she doesn’t need with another person “B” who needs it for the stuff Person “B” needs. We were halfway through building the system and realized that a bigger challenge than building the system is marketing it.[/font]
      And we didn’t have any idea about it.[/font]
      Luckily at the same time the Business Development Manager of the company in which we were working shared a similar interest of becoming an entrepreneur and starting a startup, approached us. He had an MBA from University of Missouri, St. Louis, USA. And had joined the company with the sole purpose of finding a team for a startup.[/font]
      So one fine day we were talking about ideas for our startup and realized that we all shared a similar problem. Me and my best friend struggled hard to get a job and our new friend the Business Development Manager found it hard to hire people since they all looked the same on their resumes. This is when it hit us that we should solve this problem and [/font]RECROUP[/font] was co-founded by three of us. And we had a perfect team now with two developers(CTOs) and a marketing guy (CEO). More on how we transformed the idea into a business and the challenges we’re facing as a startup later….[/font]
      Nearly 30million students graduate every year around the world, and this number is going to double in next 8 years. All students differ in their skills and abilities but resumes make them all look the same. With a traditional resume it becomes nearly impossible to differentiate among the candidate. As a result skilled applicants don’t get the job. But with technical revolution things are changing for better.[/font]
      With [/font]Recroup[/font] which allows job seekers to demonstrate their capabilities in a way a resume cannot. At [/font]Recroup[/font] employers can create challenges that are associated with a job. Those challenges can be anything from writing a sales pitch to creating a micro-blogging site. Those challenges allow recruiters to see the real potential of the candidates even before they call them for interview. It also helps job seekers to differentiate themselves from other applicants and demonstrate their skill which was not possible with a traditional resume.[/font]
      With solutions like [/font]Recroup[/font], job seekers do not need to make a resume anymore and recruiters would never have to read one. [/font]
      PART IV : COMING SOON….[/font]