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Most chilled out company

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I don't mean to sound irresponsible or cheap, but due to certain circumstances that have developed recently, I've decided to switch to a company which has *PHENOMENAL* work-life balance.

What are some MNC/private companies where:

  • [*]There is no swipe/electronic attendance, and no in-out time restrictions, no minimum-hours whatsoever (THIS IS CRITICAL) [*]One can work from home without being a female/pregnant [*]Work pressure is very very low (non-existent work pressure basically) [*]Unlimited sick leaves, generous paid leaves [*]A decent amount of job security - you know, none of that on-bench-potential-fire kind of situation. [*]Location: BLR/HYD/PUNE


Any recommendations? Please suggest, and mention if you have first hand experience at the company.

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Do you really think any such company exists where there is no work pressure? It only happens in government offices.

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