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Complete Details about eLitmus pH Test

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Complete Details about eLitmus pH Test :


What is pH Test ?


# India's most researched and validated employability test which has been used as a benchmark for fresher hiring by over 100 companies like Accenture, ITC Infotech, LnT Infotech, McAfee, Manhattan Associates, National Instruments, Subex, Tally etc. Visit http://www.elitmus.com/clients for complete list.


# Its a National level aptitude test which measures potential rather than attainment. It does not evaluate ability to remember formulae as all formulae are provided in the question paper (to emulate real world situation where in an employee always has access to Google.com)


# Pioneered and till date the only test in the world to implement Rational Negative marking. There is no negative marking for 25% wrong answers out total of attempted. e.g.: If you attempt 16 questions you will NOT be penalized till 4 incorrect answers. After that negative marking varies between 25% to 50% in accordance with increase in incorrect answers. This ensures that pure guess maker do not get high marks. Also, closeness to correct option results in less penalization.


# Score Validity of 2 years.


How to register for pH Test ?


# Go to www.elitmus.com

# Click on Sign Up, Register by entering your email id and password.

# Fill up your profile with your Personal and Academic details.

# Activate your account by clicking on the link sent to your email id.

# Go to Tests-All Tests and apply for pH test.


Note: If you still need any clarifications regarding pH Test, you may contact eLitmus at +91-7259104794

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