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I got into TCS... Atlast I prove I am not LOST...

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Chetana Mam, Did you remember my last post in Career Help Line........


Any How.............................

First I thank all the members who has indirectly help me in getting the Stuff and this much of Interviews.

After a pretty long time i place my self in TCS. I'm from a very rural college where i dint have any single company in my campus. The only way during my final year is TNSLPP (TamilNadu State Level Placement Program). Here is my list (dates are approximate)


1) Infosys(through TNSLPP) - AUG 23rd 2006 - Failed in Written Test

2) CTS (Through TNSLPP) - SEP 24th 2006 - Failed in Written Test

3) Wipro (through TNSLPP) - JAN 11th 2006 - We dint have the intimation (My college Placement Channel is very poor)

4) Caritor(through TNSLPP) - MAR 15th 2006 - Failed in Written Test (This my Birth Day to.....)

5) Satyam(through TNSLPP) - API 21st 2006 - Haven't attend the test (bcoz of fear!!!!!!)

---------------------------END oF My College------------------------------


6)Honey Well (in Loyala College) - JUN 11th 2006 -(Clear Written, first tech , flailed in second tech round)

7) ALCATEL (in their Guindu campus) - JUN 18th 2006 - Rejected bcoz of department (i am from EEE)

8) Tech Mahindra (in Anna University Guindy) - JUL 22nd 2006 - Failed in Written Test

9) Flexatronics (in st Michel academy, Adayar) - JUL 28th 2006 - Failed in Written Test

10)@Road Software(in Tidel office) - AUG 22nd 2006 - Failed in Written Test

11) Kals Technologies (in some place in sydapet) - AUG 27th 2006 - Failed in Written Test

12) CALSOFT (in Elnet Office) -OCT 10th 2006 - Failed in Written Test

13) IBM (in Bangalore) - OCT 10th 2006 -(haven't attend bcoz CALSOFT is in Chennai)

14) CTS(in Saint Beads Academy, Chennai) - Oct 28th 2006 - Failed in Written Test(Morning 8.00am)

15) EDS ( in their office near Gemini Fly Over) - OCT 28th 2006 - (Cleared First Round, Failed in G.D)(Morning 11.00 am)

16) HCL (in Anna Univ Guindy) - NOV 27th 2006 - (Cleared First round But Failed in Second Round)

17) MPhasis (in St Beads Academy) - Jan 20th 2007 - Cleared first Round But due to 6 mth Criteria Rejected

18) Maveric (in their office near Spencer's) -Jan 22nd 2007- Failed in Final HR Round

19) IBM (in Bangalore) - Jan 28th 2007 - Failed in First Round

20) Mobius (opposite to Chennai Commissioner Office) - FEB 07th 2007- Selected in HR but not a pure Software job so i reject it

21) TCS( in VEL SRS College) - FEB 19th 2007 - Cracked it(ho ho ho!)

22) Expert Us (in their office) - FEB 24th 2007 - Failed in Written test

23) Verizon (in their Guindy Office)- FEB 26th 2007 - Failed in Written test

24) Temenose (in their Nungambakam office) - MAR 3rd 2007 - Failed in Written Test


Besides this


1)HCL Infotech


2)Data Patterns








6)Kumaran Software


7)Sundaram Infotech




10)STRING Infotech


11) Anju Soft


12) TSoft


13) Accenture are the company i have missed bcoz i am working in a small firm in software testing.......


During the NOV month i have joined a small company, TIRASOFT where i haven't complete my first month (becoz the company is closed). After that I have joined a Testing Course where i am currently working in LOAD Runner and QTP( from Dec).I cant say my Current employer name but later I will post it! you know it take 20 months for me to do this.Very Very Hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. But No Way OUT


This is for 2007 Freshers

Facts:(For JOB HUNT)


1) What ever the Technical Skill you have with out aptitude there won't be any use

2) Your percentage will help you to get only the Entry Chance not the job( bcoz i am 3rd in my college)

3) Go to every small company with your Resume ( the great mistake I have done......bcoz i haven't do this but some my friends are stressful in this)

4) If you are not intrested in call center job then don't go to any JOB Fairs(Esp Jumbo Job Fair)

5) Never and ever go to training institute for JOB ( I god job in that institute only after a long struggle)

6) Have two resumes (one for MNC other for small Company)

7) Don't ever believe any one who ask you Money for any kind of activity in job hunt


The Most Important thing is if you are out of college try to improve your EQ. It will help you out.


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congrats buddy n all the best in ur future....aadi

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hi friend...congrts friend....i m so happy 4 u.....i m presently in final year with ECE background .I too dont have any chance of getting a job on /off campus.I m very much worried .I hav attended all d companies which came through CPM but didnt qualify in written test.Plz help me out friend.

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