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[Contest] Job seekers 300 Companies are watching and win $500

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Clash Of The Grads 2013

Clash Of The Grads


Looking for the job you deserve? Recroup presents Clash Of The Grads 2013 which is an opportunity for college seniors & recent graduates to stand out from the crowd & get noticed in the job market & the best part is you can also win cash prize for doing it.


Recroup is the CAREER LAUNCHPAD for college students and recent graduates


Candidates can win Up to $500 Cash Prize and will be featured on the site.



How it works?


[*]Sign-up & activate your score card.

[*]Complete your profile & improve your score.

[*]Add your social networks & get score on your online activities.

[*]Add skills & take skill test to boost your profile.

[*]Stay active & stay in the game.

Who can participate?

[*]All college Senior students.

[*]Graduates with <1 year of experience

Why to participate?

[*]Kickstart your career.

[*]Get visible to 300 companies.

[*]Win a cash prize.

[*]& just because you are Awesome!

Rules & Regulation

[*]Provide correct information

[*]Cheating may lead to public humiliation

[*]By participating, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy.

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