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Object Frontier Software(OFS) Commercial Grade Software Development Company India

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OFS was founded in Atlanta in 1997 on the premise that building commercial software is fundamentally different than building internal IT.


We have grown strongly since our beginnings and now have over 300 staff spread across our four US offices (Atlanta, DC, Philadelphia, and New York) and our research center in Chennai, India. We are part of a $100MM family owned group, Oceanaa that operates a number of manufacturing and retail businesses. Because of this relationship with Oceanaa, we have access to resources and capital as needed to help ensure our growth.


OFS serves clients in 7 countries across 4 continents from its US headquarters in Atlanta. With our wide-ranging software development expertise, including software product architecture and development, platform migration services, manual and automated testing services and our support and maintenance services. Our commitment to trust applies equally to our customers.


ObjectFrontier (OFS) was founded in 1997 on the premise that building commercial-grade software requires specialized knowledge and skills to create one software solution that works for an entire market, not just a single customer. We offer our software product skills to other software-enabled businesses that need to build compelling offerings to attract and retain customers and revenues. We combine our strong product development knowledge with a business model built on honesty and integrity so that software enabled businesses can rely on OFS to deliver winning products that gains market share and revenues. We have built and tested dozens of software products on behalf of our customers across a variety of platforms such as .NET, Java, iOS, and Android. Our Enterprise Mobility division has been our fastest growing one as many of our customers look to migrate their traditional, web-based software onto the next generation of mobile technology. We are also engaged with large IT organizations that want us to bring our software product disciplines to their custom software that they now use globally to power their companies.


OFS has grown strongly since our beginnings and we now have over 350 staff spread across our four US offices (Jersey City, Philadelphia, DC, and Atlanta) and our research center in Chennai, India.


Our mission is not to be considered the biggest or most profitable provider of software services but rather, the most ethical.



Software Product Development, Mobile Application Development, B2E mobile applications, Software Testing, Banking Solutions, Outsourced Product Development


Object Frontier Software(OFS) Pvt.Ltd

Ascendas International Technology Park

Unit No: 2, 4th Floor

Taramani Road, Taramani

Chennai 600113

Phone: +91-44-30612100

Website: http://www.objectfrontier.com

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