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cross road puzzle at peak hour

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help reqd in solving thisyou are stuck in a car in your city at the most congested cross road that too in the peak hour ,your's is the 30th vehicle on one road ,similarly there are 30 vehicles on the other three roads as well ,all these vehicles have to get accross to their respective directions . it takes a minimum of 10 minutes for the 30 th car to get accross during this peak hour .can you suggest to the traffic police commissioner any means to reduce the congestion at this junction ! and reduce the time taken by the 30 th car to get accross to the other side without the following1 widening of roads2 one way trafic3 circular trafic4 over /under bridges5 fly over6 with no physical changes to the roads

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Can you provide the best solution for this puzzle? It would be really helpful.

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