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(FAQ) 40 Software testing Questions with Answers

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What is Quality System ?


The organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes, and resources for implementing quality management.


What is Race Condition ?


A cause of concurrency problems. Multiple accesses to a shared resource, at least one of which is a write, with no mechanism used by either to moderate simultaneous access.


What is Static Analysis ?


Analysis of a program carried out without executing the program.


What is Component ?


A minimal software item for which a separate specification is available.


What's Coding ?


A generation of source code.


What is Code Complete ?


Phase of development where functionality is implemented in entirety; bug fixes are all that are left. All functions found in the Functional Specifications have been implemented.


What is Code Coverage ?


An analysis method that determines which parts of the software have been executed (covered) by the test case suite and which parts have not been executed and therefore may require additional attention.


What's the Code Walkthrough ?


Code Walkthrough help in analyzing the coding techniques and if the code is meeting the coding standards.


What's the Code Inspections ?


Code Inspections is formal analysis of the program source code to find defects as defind by meeting system design specifications.

What's the Defect ?


The difference between the functional specification and actual program text.


What's the Defect Tracking ?


Defect tracking is the process of finding bugs in software.


What's the Debugging ?


Debugging is the method of finding and rectifying the cause of software failures.


What is an Inconsistent bug ?


Bug which are not reproducible

What is verification ?


To review the document.


What is validation ?


To validate the system against the requirements.


What is Functional Decomposition ?


A technique used during planning, analysis and design; creates a functional hierarchy for the software.


What is Functional Specification ?


A document that describes in detail the characteristics of the product with regard to its intended features.

What is Release Candidate ?


A pre-release version, which contains the desired functionality of the final version, but which needs to be tested for bugs (which ideally should be removed before the final version is released).


What's the Test Tool ?


A computer program that used in testing the systems.


What's the Test Driver ?


A program or test tool used to execute test.


What is the test data ?


The actual values used in the test or that are necessary to execute the test. (or) Input data against which we validate the system.


Test Data is the data that you use to execute your Test Cases or while doing Ad-hoc Testing.


What is a Data Guidelines ?


Guidelines which are to be followed for the preparation of test data.


What is Data Dictionary ?


A database that contains definitions of all data items defined during analysis.

What is Cyclomatic Complexity ?


A measure of the logical complexity of an algorithm, used in white-box testing.


What is Emulator ?


A device, computer program, or system that accepts the same inputs and produces the same outputs as a given system.


What's the Test Bed ?


An environment that contain different types of hardware, software, simulator, testing tools, and other support elements that are necessary to conduct a test.


Why do you go for Test Bed ?


To validate the system against the required input.


What is a Test condition ?


logical input data against which we validate the system. (or) A set of circumstances that a test invokes.


What's the Test Scenario ?


It defines a set of test cases or test scripts and the sequences in which they are to be executed.


What's the Test Plan ?


A high level of documents that define the software testing project.


What's the Test Case ?


A set of test inputs, execution, and expected result developed for a particular objective.


What's the Test Log ?


A chronological record of all relevant details about the execution of a test.


What's the Traceability Matrix ?


A document that showing the relationship between Test Requirements and Test Cases.


What is Cause Effect Graph ?


A graphical representation of inputs and the associated outputs effects which can be used to design test cases.


What is Equivalence Class ?


A portion of a component's input or output domains for which the component's behaviour is assumed to be the same from the component's specification.


What is Metric ?


A standard of measurement. Software metrics are the statistics describing the structure or content of a program. A metric should be a real objective measurement of something such as number of bugs per lines of code.


What is Software Requirements Specification?


A deliverable that describes all data, functional and behavioral requirements, all constraints, and all validation requirements for software

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What is software fault ?


A software fault is a hidden programming error. A software fault fault is an error in the correctness of the semantics of a computer program.


What is software failure ?


Software failure occurs when the software does not do what the user expects to see.


What is parallel/audit testing ?


Parallel/audit testing is testing where the user reconciles the output of the new system to the output of the current system to verify the new system performs the operations correctly.


Who will do white box testing ?


White box testing only done by developer not the tester because white box testing is static as well as dynamic testing.


What is SIT ?


SIT - System Integration Testing - post integration of all the modules/components of the application, SIT is carried out on the integrated application. SIT is carried out to verify the functional requirements are being met or exceeded.

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