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Najma Sultana

for those are interested in online job....

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Hi guyz,


Is anyone aware of online paid surveys.I really don't know whether itz worth it,

but i heard abt it frm many people.If anyone is interested and have time to explore then u

can go for it.


Following is my reference link:

<Links Removed>

NOTE: I have not made any money till now as i registered recently,so don't blame me if it is waste of time.And also plz don't start posting ur reference link and mess up the forum .This post was just to let u know abt it(I personally don't wanna make any money out of it).

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hi najma

kaisi hai...one of ur frens frm ur coll was asking abt u..can u help me out?? can u tell me where can v post resumes in Chetanas??

ok. thnx.



take care.

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Affiliate programs have been the most successful method of making money on the Internet. It is the simple and the easy to earn great money online.

For some, making money with affiliate programs could be a tougher nut to crack, but the possibilities of making money online here are unlimited.

As opposed to earning income with ads on your website, with affiliate programs one can earn flat rate or percentage based commissions. As well, there are programs that pay residual commissions which can be very appealing to ones that want to see something come in every month.

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