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Can WinRunner 7.x work with TestDirector 7.x ?


Yes, WinRunner 7.x and TestDirector 7.x are fully integrated.


What browsers are supported by WinRunner 7.x ?


WinRunner 7.x supports Internet Explorer 4.x-5.5, Netscape Navigator 4.0-6.1 (excluding versions 6.0 and 6.01) and AOL 5 and 6.


Can I record a script in Netscape and replay it in Internet Explorer ?


Yes, WinRunner 7.x offers complete browser compatibility between all supported browsers.

Can I run WinRunner 6.x scripts in WinRunner 7.x ?


Yes, scripts created in WinRunner 6.x can be run in WinRunner 7.x.


What do Runtime Database Record Checkpoints do ?


Runtime Database Record Checkpoints enable you to check that your application inserts, deletes, updates or retrieves data in a database correctly. By mapping application controls to database fields, you can check that the values in your application are correctly read from or written to the matching database fields when you run your test.


How does selective recording work ?


You can specify exactly which applications WinRunner should record of those currently running on your desktop. This avoids the common problem of extraneous script lines when you suddenly switch to other applications while recording a test.


What is the use of GUI Map File per Test mode ?


This mode automatically manages GUI map files for you, so you do not have to load or save GUI map files in your test. GUI map files per test can be combined into the Global GUI map file if needed.


What is GUI Spy ?


GUI Spy is an integrated tool for spying on standard, ActiveX and Java controls. It displays the properties of standard controls and the properties and methods of ActiveX and Java controls. You can copy and paste functions for activating Java methods from the GUI Spy into your test script.


What add-ins are available for WinRunner 7.x ?


Add-ins are available for Java, ActiveX, WebTest, Siebel, Baan, Stingray, Delphi, Terminal Emulator, Forte, NSDK/Natstar, Oracle and PowerBuilder.


Can I automatically back up my test scripts ?


Yes, WinRunner 7.x can automatically create a backup copy of your test script at intervals you specify.


What are the system requirements for WinRunner 7.x ?


1.Minimum system requirements are listed below.

2.Computer/ Processor: PC with a single-CPU, Pentium 100MHz or higher processor

3.Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT version 4.0/2000/ME/XP

4.Memory: 32 MB of RAM

5.Free Hard Disk Space: 62 MB of free disk space for a compact installation or 214 MB for typical or complete installation

6.Display: Monitor with resolution of 800x600 or higher


Can I install WinRunner 7.x with older versions of TestDirector and LoadRunner ?


WinRunner 7.x cannot be installed on machines that use versions of TestDirector or LoadRunner prior to 5.0. These applications may not work if WinRunner is installed on these machines.


Advantages of Automation tools in testing ?


1.Minimum requirement of human resource.



4.Less time Consuming-Faster than manual testing.




What is the language used in winrunner ?


TSL-Test Script Language (Similar to C)


Explain the Testing Process in WinRunner ?


1. Create Rapid Test Script wizard. The Wizard automatically generates a series of tests, which you can immediately run on your Application.

2.Additional tests can either be created or recorded

3.Debug the test

4.Run the test on new version to verify the application behavior.

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