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Add if you want to add QUESTIONS to this !

OR any extra points to this answers u can add!!!

What is Rendezvous Points ?


Rendezvous Points are specified to ensure that all specified vusers begin a transaction at precisely the same time.

Rendeveous commands are not recognized in Vuser_init and Vuser_end sections.


What language is used by loadrunner ?

The language used by LR is TSL which has a syntax of c


What is Think time in Loadrunner ?


Think time is a time that the real user(Who ever uses the application/product) waits between the actions.Eg: If your going into an ATM centre to made the transaction.By placing the card you will get main screen , after performing the other action i.e transaction you should wait for some time.That waiting time is called as "THINK TIME".

What is the difference between Correlation and parameterization ?


Parameterization is what you are giving to the server….

ex: data1,data2,data3…etc…


Correlation is what server is giving to you

What is the relation between Response Time and Throughput ?


The Throughput graph shows the amount of data in bytes that the Vusers received from the server in a second. When we compare this with the transaction response time, we will notice that as throughput decreased, the response time also decreased. Similarly, the peak throughput and highest response time would occur approximately at the same time.


If web server, database and Network are all fine where could be the problem ?


The problem could be in the system itself or in the application server or in the code written for the application.


How did you find web server related issues ?


Using Web resource monitors we can find the performance of web servers. Using these monitors we can analyze throughput on the web server, number of hits per second that

occurred during scenario, the number of http responses per second, the number of downloaded pages per second.


How did you find database related issues ?


By running "Database" monitor and help of "Data Resource Graph" we can find database related issues. E.g. You can specify the resource you want to measure on before running the controller and than you can see database related issues

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