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TCS....I hv completed my B.Tech in 5 years.got selected in TCS,is dere wil be any problem during joining

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i got selected in TCS,,AND GOT D JOINING LETTER..My problem is I hv completed my B.Tech in 5 years & Having 66% which is 1 st class.also in 10 n 12 i have more than 70 %..I filled in TCS Online application in the same way (i.e I started my graduation in 2006, completed in 2011), Now I cleared awl d rounds i got d offer letter now i got d joining letter 2.Now I am having some doubts, 1) is dere wil be any problem during joining??i have fulfld awl d criteria and i got d joining letter 2...2) as 1 have to fill d academic gap certificate so wil d year back comes under academic gap..or academic gap is jst d gap between 12 n graduation.............

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