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How JQuery is useful to ASP.NET developers?

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JQuery is useful for ASP.NET developers because it is Open source and free that is used by Web developers to navigate perform animations, add Ajax interactions, HTML documents and handle events to Web pages. JQuery is for client and server side DOM manipulation. We can surely throw away JQuery scripts from the codebehind, which would then run on the client. We can also easily add DIVs from the codebehind. You can put a placeholder on your page where you want it to show up, then create a Panel in the codebehind and insert it into the placeholder.


To create JQuey for ASP.NET the following syntax is used:

<div class="classname”> %SOMEVALUE_fromAsp.NetCode% </div>?


If you have more information about it please discuss it here.

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Jquery is CSS3 compliant and its light weight java script library which supports many browsers. This framework is very extensible and handles DOM manipulations, CSS, AJAX events and animations in a far better way.



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