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Can someone pls tell me the best answer for this question? What should i answer when i am asked why do u want to join accenture?

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Here are the best way to answer: 

While interviewing job aspirants, managers are anxious to figure out which hopefuls truly need the job and would put real exertion for the betterment of the organization, and who simply needs a job, any kind of job, paying little heed to what the position involves.

The best possible approach to respond to this question is to be ready and insightful about the employer organization. Invest some time researching on the company (the “About Us” page of that particular company’s site is a decent place to begin) so, you can discuss regarding the advantages of working for this specific employer.

You may likewise search for the most recent press statements and media coverage of the organization, so, you have the knowledge of the organization’s future plans and goals. You could even visit the organization’s Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account etc. or any other social networking page, with a specific end goal to get an insightful into what clients or product buyers opine about the organization.

Go through the organization’s LinkedIn page, too. On the off chance that you have an association at the organization, inquire as to whether you can get some knowledge into what the company is looking for in a perfect employee.

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