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Summer Training on Embedded Technology in Noida, Lucknow

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Embedded System Training @ CETPA Infotech


Today every Engineering students wants to learn embedded system, but they still don't know why to learn embedded system and what is embedded system all about and whether learning this technology will be useful for their career prospects ?


Here are the answer--


What are Embedded Systems?


Embedded systems are highly specializable, often reactive, sub systems that provide, unnoticed by the user, information processing and control tasks to their embedding system. Embedded systems are omnipresent nowadays and make possible the creation of systems with a functionality that cannot be provided by human beings. Example application areas are consumer electronic products (eg CD players, microwave ovens), telecommunication (eg mobile phones), medical systems (eg pacemakers), traffic control (eg intelligent traffic lights), driving and car control (eg ABS), airborne equipment (eg fly-by-wire), and plant control (eg packaging machines, wafer steppers). The term embedded system thus encompasses a broad class of systems, ranging from simple microcontrollers to large and complex multi-processor and distributed systems.


Why to learn embedded system ?


The importance of embedded systems is undisputed. Their market size is about 100 times the desktop market, and will grow exponentially also in the next decade. Ever more intelligence will be added to processes and products, and eventually will be huge requirement for embedded engineers in coming years!


CETPA is a Northern India oldest & first ISO certified Engineers Training company who started its Embedded Training Program in collaboration with STEP-IIT Roorkee and till date we had successfully trained more than 15,000 embedded engineers.


So now its now your turn to utilize our past 8 years embedded technology training experience by joining our Summer & regular training program by highly experienced & unmatched trainer & training facility at our center.


Training Location:- Lucknow, Greater Noida, Roorkee, Meerut & Noida


For more details about our Summer & regular Programs contact


Lucknow:- 0522-6590802, 9258017974


Greater Noida- 0120-6454074, 9212172602


Roorkee- 9219602769


Visit:- http://summertraining2010.blogspot.com/



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