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Difference between various Specifications Documents – For Test Design, Test Cases & Test Procedures

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IEEE 829 standard prescribes many specifications related documents. Three such documents are


1) Test Design Specifications

2) Test Case Specifications

3) Test Procedure Specifications


Let us go a bit deeper into the salient features of each of these documents being crucially important in any testing effort.


1) Test Design Specifications


The objective of compiling test design specifications is to identify set of features or a combination of features to be tested and to identify the group of test cases that will adequately test those features. In addition to these it contains all types of refinements done to the approach described in the test plan.


The test design specification consists of following essential parts:


1) Test design specification identifier: A unique identifier is to be allocated so that the test design specification document can be distinguished from all other documents.


2) Features to be tested: It describes the test items and the features that are the object of this test design specification.


3) Approach refinements: It describes the test techniques to be adopted for this test design.


4) Test identification: It describes a comprehensive list of test cases associated with this test design. It provides a unique identifier and a short description for every test case.


5) Acceptance criteria: It describes the criteria to confirm as to whether each feature has passed or failed during testing.


Read the complete article at


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This can be defined in very short :


Test Design Specification: detailing test conditions and the expected results as well as test pass criteria.

Test Case Specification: specifying the test data for use in running the test conditions identified in the Test Design Specification.






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