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help needed urgently regarding connection to oracle database in VB6 project

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Hi there, For connecting to an oracle database from an VB6 programthe following code was written***************************** Option Explicit Dim cn As New ADODB.Connection Private Sub Form_Load() cn.Open "Provider= MSDAORA;UserID = scott;datasource = ora7;persist security info = False" ' i am having oracle 7.3 version cn.Open "DSN = ORA;UID = scott" ';password = scott" End Sub***************************** but as this code on running there is a error as show below Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005' . Oracle client and networking components not found. I am using personal webserver. When I tried creating a system DSN 'microsoft odbc for oracle driver' I still got the same error that "Oracle client and networking components not found, so provider cant function until these components are installed"Can you please tell me how I can overcome the error. ??????Also tell me how to set up DSN, in case I did it wrong .U can mail me at arpithaupadhyaya@gmail.comMany thanks in advance,Arpitha

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