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overcome the candidates those making GD as a DEBATE

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Hi friends,



Recently i had attended a GD after clearing Aptitude screening but i am not cleared that GD.

The problem i had faced on that GD was about 4 peoples were entered into a debate so i couldn't speak continously and clearly the topic is very easy India should implement bullet trains or electric trains or both?.

I spoke about two lines but i hesitate and speak. the time is about 10 minutes and there were 10 peoples. They selected only one because the debate arised between four peoples. They haven't select the person who initiate and conclude.


ok my questions is how to overcome or handle on the situation those involve in debates?


Thank you,

Have a nice day...

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Dos of participating in a GD:

  • Listen to the subject carefully
  • Put down your thoughts on a paper
  • Initiate the discussion if you know the subject well
  • Listen to others if you don’t know the subject
  • Support you point with some facts and figures
  • Make short contribution of 25-30 seconds 3-4 times
  • Give others a chance to speak
  • Speak politely and pleasantly. Respect contribution from other members.
  • Disagree politely and agree with what is right.
  • Summarize the discussion if the group has not reached a conclusion.

Don’ts of participating in a Group Discussion

  • Initiate the discussion if you do not have sufficient knowledge about the given topic.
  • Over speak, intervene and snatch other’s chance to speak.
  • Argue and shout during the GD
  • Look at the evaluators or a particular group member
  • Talk irrelevant things and distract the discussion
  • Pose negative body gestures like touching the nose, leaning back on the chair, knocking the table with a pen etc.
  • Mention erratic statistics.
  • Display low self confidence with shaky voice and trembling hands.
  • Try to dominate the discussion
  • Put others in an embarrassing situation by asking them to speak if they don’t want.

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