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ISTQB Certification – Complete Information any one would like to know

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Complete information on ISTQB Certification is being provided in the form of easily understandable 12 Nos. Questions & Answers.


Q. 1: What is ISTQB?


ISTQB stands for “International Software Testing Qualifications Board”. It is Belgium based International body legally established in the year 2002.


Software testing professionals from all over the world joined hands in formulating standardized contents for further education in the field of Software Testing. It is a multiple-choice exam & is an education program offered in 38 countries


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Q. 2: How many Levels of Certification are provided by ISTQB?


The ISTQB has come out with an International Qualification Scheme called "ISTQB Certified Tester".


Presently there are two levels of exams leading to the specific levels of certification.


1) Foundation Level Certification: Name of this certification is “Certified Tester Foundation Level” (CTFL). This is the only one foundation level exam. This is an entry level certification meant for people entering the field of testing and for experienced professionals desiring to move up the ladder of ISTQB certifications.


Foundation Level Certification offers evidence that the certified person has a broad understanding of the key concepts & fundamental best practices of software testing.


2) Advanced Level Certification: Name of this certification is “Certified Tester Advanced Level” (CTAL). This is the intermediate level certification. Eligibility for this exam is Foundation level certification i.e. CTFL certificate & 5 years experience of software testing. The candidate must have a Bachelor’s Degree in IT or Computer Science or related field from a recognized institution; this can be substituted by two years of work experience in Software Testing.


Advanced Level Certification offers evidence that the certified person is a committed testing professional and has thorough understanding of key concepts & advanced best practices of software testing.


Following 3 - interrelated Advanced Level Certification Exams are available:

Candidate can go in for either or all of these advanced level certifications.


a) Advanced Level Functional Tester: This advanced level certification is meant for software testers especially part of independent test teams involved in business-oriented testing. It provides the users the much needed & detailed information related to specifics of different testing techniques like behavioral testing or Black Box testing / White Box testing etc.


B) Advanced Level Test Manager: This advanced level certification is meant for test managers, development managers, and project managers responsible for testing.


c) Advanced Level Technical Tester: This advanced level certification is meant for testers and programmers involved in non functional testing, structural testing or White Box Testing & for testers involved in automation.



Additional Advanced Level Certification: After completing the above three advanced level certifications, one can go in for an additional Advanced Level Certification by the name “Advanced Level (CTAL) – Full Advanced Level”. This is an exam of 1.5 hours duration.


3) Expert Level Certification: Has not started yet. Expert Level Certification is meant for leaders of the field of software testing with eight or more years of experience.


Expert Level Certification offers evidence that the certified person is a seasoned testing professional and has consistent understanding & execution of proven cutting edge techniques in testing.


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Q. 3: Who provides the ISTQB Certification?


Q. 4: What is the period of validity of ISTQB Certifications?


Q. 5: What are the Advantages of ISTQB Certifications?


Q. 6: What are the Salient Features of the Foundation Level (CTFL) Exam?


Q. 7: What is the Structure of Foundation Level (CTFL) Exam?


Q. 8: What is the Syllabus for various ISTQB certifications Exams?


Q. 9: How do I prepare for the ISTQB Exams? How can I download the Study Material etc.?


Q. 10: Whether certification exam is same everywhere?


Q. 11: How to register for the Foundation Level (CTFL) Exam with ITB?


Q. 12: Whether ITB / ISTQB certification can be taken Online?


Other useful Information like:

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Useful Tips & Tricks for success in ISTQB exam:


Detailed understanding of Various Knowledge Levels


Download the Largest Database of Unique Sample Question Papers


Read the Detailed Answers & explanation of all the above Questions

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Ans. 5 Advantages of ISTQB Certifications 1) It is a known fact that the common practices generally lag behind the best practices by around 25 - 30 years. Basic advantage of ISTQB certifications is that these are aimed at bringing the common practices to the level of best practices.2) ISTQB certifications are of International nature, whose certificate is recognized in several countries across various continents.3) Since the syllabus of ISTQB certification exams is targeted to various concepts & techniques having real-world application, the ISTQB certification carries respect of the highest order among the International community.4) ISTQB certification means an automatic certificate of sound practical knowledge & high caliber of the certified professional. This is certainly regarded as a golden feather in the cap of the certified person.5) Due to great respect commanded by the ISTQB certification in the trade, it helps the aspirants in shaping their career path.6) ISTQB certification provides a rock solid foundation for professional growth to the certified person.7) ISTQB delivers value to the software testing profession itself.

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