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core dba is nothing but dealing with just 11g/10g/9g g-grid technology...in 11g/10g/9g we'll interact with the database...but where as in apps dba deals with 11i..i-internet technology...i techn has no communication with database...only on the internet applications i.e, online transactions...only...dis is d main diff b/n 11g n 11i also...in apps we've to give support to clients...

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Diff b/w ORACLE Core DBA and ORACLE APPS DBA.ORACLE core DBA will handle entire database administration and maintenance.core DBA manages only the data base and related objects within the DB and are also responsible for applying new DB related patches.ORACLE APPS DBA will be able to do the functionalities of DBA and including administration of oracle applicationsApps DBA will also has similar responsibilities but with little more extensions. In Apps, Apps DBAs are also responsible for creating cutom tables in DB (the process is little different in Apps) and applying Apps patches along with the DB pathces and so on.

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