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Sapient recruits Senior Developer (Interwoven)

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Sapient (www.sapient.com)


Senior Developer (Interwoven)


Job Description:

Senior Developer Interwoven


About CMS SSG group :

The CMS Technology Shared Services Group will focus on the development and evolution of CMS package standards, creation and maintenance of solution accelerators for key CMS platforms, and provide direct project assistance and specialized support / skills to our delivery teams building a solution on top of a CMS platform.


This core group of CMS specialists and senior CMS platform developers will form a team of people with specialized knowledge and proven experience with delivering complex engagements on CMS platforms, and will have the relevant skills, abilities and expertise on these platforms to support our delivery teams at Sapient. The team will exist as a sub-team of the Delivery Capabilities (DC) team; pooling together a group of senior people from within and outside Sapient (external hires) that are passionate about excellence in CMS technology, creating an impact on our delivery teams and improving / furthering our capabilities within this technology space.

About Interwoven


Sapient is an Interwoven Platinum Alliance Partner and has successfully delivered several business critical Web Content Management (WCM) projects and engagements for some of our key clients within the travel and entertainment, telecommunications and media & publishing industries on the Interwoven Teamsite platform. Our experience with Teamsite and other components of the Interwoven WCM suite spans across all major versions of the platform, and is based on multiple projects and business applications that our teams have delivered over a time span of more than 7 – 8 years as of now.



A Senior Associate Platform (Interwoven) will bring a substantial amount of hands-on Interwoven development and technology expertise to the table on the Interwoven WCM platform technology stack and will be responsible for supporting delivery teams through design and construction in the capacity of a technology subject matter expert on the Interwoven platform. At the same time, Senior Associates will also be responsible for developing common assets / framework components / reusable solutions on the Interwoven platform at an organization level that can be leveraged across multiple delivery projects.


Individuals in this role are expected to be hands-on with design and code using Interwoven, and will work very closely with architects, designers and developers on delivery teams to manage application quality and support the design/build process. Individuals in this role are also expected to have deep knowledge of the product, its internal capabilities, extension points, and support complex activities including complex customizations, performance tuning, migration strategies, etc.



High-level grouping of responsibilities (broken down into tasks / activities) that a given role needs to perform in order to be successful

Key Responsibility Areas Major Activities :

Architecture & Design :

a. Prepares the technical design of the technology components within the module (one or more of client/web presentation tier, server tier, data access and data model, integration component, package function customization)

b. Participates in design reviews of other modules and provide insightful comments to improve the design quality and design conformance to standards

c. Implements slice of application (EAR) and proofs of concept (spike solution) to prove any new technologies or integration scenarios in the module

d. For package implementations, aids the Architect of the project to perform the gap analysis between business requirements and the package features and designs the configuration, customizations, extensions, interfaces required to meet the requirements

e. Provides innovative solutions to technical issues during the project that could impact one or more modules of the project

Development :

a. Implements (hands-on) the module components based on Sapient and industry best practices. These components could be custom built, or built using a third party tool and also could involve extending an industry package

b. Supports the module in production, resolves hot issues and implements and deploys enhancements to the application/package

c. Works with/helps other team members to resolve technical issues that require deep technical expertise in core technology platforms or packages.

Client Interaction :

a. Interacts with a client (client senior developers and architects) to create technology specifications from business requirements for one or more modules within the project

b. In some scenarios, collaborates with client developers to design, build, test

and deploy the module components and integrate with the rest of the modules

c. Raises and drives to closure with the client any technical design and implementation issues in the module and also in the interfaces and interactions with other modules

Planning Tracking & Estimation :

a. Estimates the implementation and deployment of the module based on design architecture, testing strategy and overall project plan

b. Reports progress and issues to the Manager in a timely manner. In particular, to relay issues that might impact on quality or the ability to deliver to timescales or estimates

Documentation :

a. Documents the technical design using UML, suitable design patterns in the form of technical design narrative, object models, sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams


- Candidates applying for this title should demonstrate the following specific experience and capabilities with the Interwoven platform:

a. 3 to 4 years of minimum professional experience and expertise with Interwoven technologies including core content management and content delivery technologies, together with a strong foundation and proven expertise in areas such as content modeling, content migration strategies, content personalization strategies, etc.

b. 2 to 3 years of minimum Interwoven project delivery experience in the capacity of a Team Lead, Module/Track Lead or equivalent, across multiple delivery engagements using the Interwoven Teamsite 6.7.x platform for web content management, including the core Teamsite Server product and all of its key capabilities

c. Deep Understanding of Interwoven extension and customization points, product configuration for all key components including repository, branching, security, etc., configuration of content workflows, creation of content entry/capture forms using FormsPublisher and FormsAPI, DCTs and DCRs, extending product capabilities, and programming for Interwoven using the Perl scripting language.

d. Configuring and Deploying the OpenDeploy / DataDeploy tools for content publication and content delivery, in a multi-site, multi-channel content delivery environment, and writing custom DnR Scripts with OpenDeploy

e. Practical Experience with using Interwoven technology for enabling Dynamic Content Delivery platforms via the use of Interwoven’s SitePublisher and Livesite product set using versions 3.x of the SitePublisher/LiveSite platform and the ability to create custom SitePublisher components that use Teamsite DCRs and/or externals for custom Java application integration is essential,

f. Hands-on experience with design and implementation (coding) of frameworks and other complex business functionality / complex customizations and custom components developed on the Teamsite and Livesite platform

g. Solid experience with the Perl scripting language for Teamsite customizations, OR the enterprise Java and JavaEE stack, including Core Java, JSPs, Servlets, etc. and how these may be integrated/leveraged together with the Teamsite and Livesite platform

Additional skills (within the domain of web content management) :

a. 5 to 8 years of total / relevant IT experience

b. Experience with driving requirements definition and analysis, and functional & technical solution design on the Interwoven platform or another CMS platform for large and complex web content management initiatives

c. Ability to support problem solving and drive solution approach for web content management implementations, together with a development team

d. Ability to support business development and pre-sales teams in RFP response development for large WCM project RFPs, and support the solution scoping / estimation review process

e. Proven experience in leading one or multiple modules within an end-to-end project delivery lifecycle through design to construction to Production rollout

f. Designing and Implementing high-volume content delivery applications using CMS specific products (e.g., Interwoven Livesite) or using third-party Portal Servers (e.g., Weblogic Portal) or other application servers, integrated with Teamsite and other back-end / third-party content repositories / databases to support both transactional and content applications

g. Experience with performance tuning for content management and content delivery applications built on Interwoven or other CMS platforms, is highly desirable


Job Location : Bangalore, Delhi-NCR

Desired Experience: 5 To 8 Years


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