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Confidant NetWorks - SQL Developer

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Confidant NetWorks (www.confidantnetworks.com)


SQL Developer


Job Description:

- This position is responsible to work with the APIS e-Collaboration team members (both in India and remote locations) to support both developer and DBA activities around MS-SQL Server



- Design, build and maintain operational databases for custom-built applications by the eCollaboration team (focus is .NET based applications)

- Design and develop Microsoft SQL DTS/SSIS

- Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting of SQL Server databases and complex T-SQL and Stored Procedures

- Write complex Stored Procedures, Triggers

- Create Database Schema, Defining Relationships for Database Objects

- Develop/manage SQL scripting

- Database administration and monitoring

- Technical documentation on Database Design



Job Location : Delhi-NCR

Desired Experience: 3 To 6 Years


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