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    [*]This board mainly aims at sharpening the analytical skills of people because it has become quite important to increase our analytical skills to crack the job interviews like INFOSYS and also to crack tough exams like CAT. Also it's important to keep our mind sharp enough always in life. That helps us professionally as well as personally. I personally believe that analytical skills can be sharpened by right practice. I invite all bright minds to help others by sharing your knowledge and skills.

    [*]You can post any interesting Aptitude/Analytical questions or Puzzles in this board. You can freely discuss them. Please note that any other postings are not allowed here. You have to use respective boards depending on the category of your question.

    [*]When you are asking for a solution, please try to be very clear. Type the full question. Do NOT give references to some book. Once you write down the question, try to read it again to see everything is proper.

    [*]When you are giving a solution, please spend few minutes to write it clearly so that it benefits the other people. Once you write down the solution, try to read it again to see everything is proper.

    [*]This board is moderated (sometimes) just to avoid any irrelevant postings. Postings may be approved only after a review. However we will take care that the time is minimal for approval.



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