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What are these and also basic diff b/w these Oracle ,Oracle apps DBA,Oracle Apps Technical,Oracle apps Fuctional

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Hi, I am a java developer and want to learn Oracle Apps Technical but not able get the detail information regarding these 1.diff b/w Oracle & Oracle Apps DBA or else both r same 2.diff b/w Oracle & Oracle Apps Technical?3.diff b/w Oracle Apps Functional & Oracle Apps Technical? can any one of you give me the basic differences so it would be very helpful to me.Thanks in advance rupakrishna

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sorry for the late reply.

These are the responsibilities that the apps guys usually do.


it is a database (i.e data about data),in which data is stored in large amount depending on industry.


Responsibilities of Oracle Apps DBA:

1.Installing/Upgrading Oracle Applications

2.Cloning of Instances

3.Backup & Recovery

4.Entries into init.ora file

5.Instance administrative work


Responsibilities of Oracle Apps Technical Consultant:

1.Development/Customization of components w.r.t functional design given by Functional Consultants

2.PL/SQL programming

3.Interacts with DBAs to ensure that the proper services are running


Responsibilities of Oracle Apps Functional Consultant:(usually this is MBA's job or some good experience in apps technical make you familiar with functional )

1.Collecting the process requirements from the clients and setting up the process

2.Get the process constructed from Technical Consultants if the process does not exist

3.Get the process altered from Technical Consultants according to the requirement

4.Educating the client about the execution of the process

5.Interacts with Clients and Technical Consultants


Responsibilities of Oracle Apps Techno Functional Consultant

1. Good Functional knowledge on the modules he/she is working upon

2.Plus all the responsibilities of Apps Technical Consultant

3.Good communication skills


Hope this helps




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