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2 year gap in between +2 and joining engineering college.

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hello chetna,I have passed my plus2 in 2004 and prepared for medical entrance exam.. but unfortunately not get in.. at last i have decided 2 join engineering college. i have joined engg college in 2006. that means i have lost my valuable 2 years ..plzz i'm now in 3rd year and i have no back log.. and i have upcoming campus interview on feb,2009.. if interviewer asked me about my year gap.. what should i tell him..?plz plzz plzz.. help me out.. thanks in advance...

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Dear Swarnendu,I have the same problem too but unlike you, I have good experience. My gap is not in my educational career but in my work career. I tell the truth that I was in to my family business for these many years. And it's accepted if you are confident. I was not asked any questions after this answer at many interviews. So, ask yourself what were you doing in this gap and frame a good answer. Maybe others can help you better on this.Regards,Deboo

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