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mainframe tutorials and material for download

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hi everybody


here are different links for mainframe material


1) http://www.esnips.com/user/kaustubh82 ( i hv uploaded some mainframe material here collected from different sites )


2) http://www.theamericanprogrammer.com


3) http://www.mainframegurukul.com


4) http://www.mainframeindia.com


5) http://www.geocities.com/srcsinc/


6) http://www.eit.in/sw/legacy/legacy.html ( very good link contains too many good links to mainframe sites )


7) http://www.damos.dircon.co.uk/index.html


8) http://www.mindtree.com/IBM-technologies/m...ase_studies.php





kaustubh n.

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