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Need advice on Career

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Dear Chetanaites,

I'm a BE - ECE graduate, having 4 years of experience in e-publishing (typesetting) field. Since the field growth is low, I need to switch to any better job in IT/bank/government sectors. But I'm not clear which one to choose. I'm not interested much in coding. I know basics of AWS (Amazon Web Services), basic editing in XML. Due to pandemic lot of govt/bank jobs are on hold. If anyone could guide me to choose a suitable career, I'll be grateful for them. I've attached my resume herewith. Recently relieved from my job, so I can join immediately. I'm not interested in social media, so I don't have any account except WhatsApp, Gmail, naukri.com. So, please share me via Gmail or in this topic.

Mobile number and Gmail id are in resume attached with this topic.

Thanks & Regards,

Hari Prasath

Hari Prasath - Resume.pdf

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