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Rohit Manglik

EduGorilla Community Private Limited

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EduGorilla, a one-stop platform for all your educational needs. From relevant study material, study programs for every level of education, your desired educational institute and the coaching institute to informative and stimulating articles on all aspects of education, the online preparative material for different competitive exams of various levels and national and international genres, EduGorilla encapsulates all. Lastly, the creamiest topping of the cake is, most of these resources are absolutely free! Log on to EduGorilla, therefore, to quench your every thirst for knowledge and education!

Coming to the career needs of students, EduGorilla has almost 320 professions covered on its website. Also, the website hosts several articles and has critically examined over 100 coaching centers. Furthermore, the EduGorilla portal serves as a closely-knit community of various subject matter experts, professionals, doctors, faculty from colleges who are always eager to help the needy individuals. With state-of-the-art question and answer platform, Article System, Directory Listing, User Showcase, etc. EduGorilla has developed into an online tutor. Last year only EduGorilla achieved the feat of listing 15 lakh schools in its database. This was much more than the earlier record of listing 30 thousand schools achieved by other prominent educational platforms. The listings were done on 350 different parameters such as course content at the school, teacher-student ratio, etc.

If any, I would like to know more about your thoughts regarding this Ed-Tech startup company.

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