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Tips on Answering Aptitude Questions on Data Interpretation

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4 TIPS on answering Aptitude Questions on Data Interpretation

Tip 1: Use a physical calculator and a notepad

Online proctored tests disallow candidates from using Calculator Software Applications in Desktop/ Laptop/ Mobile Device where the test is being given. However, a separate handheld calculator can be used.

Use a notebook with a pencil to jot down relevant numbers to help you in making quick calculations.

Tip 2: While calculating averages, it is easier to assume an approximate mean and calculation average of differences from that mean

Question: What is the average marks scored by the student across all six periodical exams?


You can assume the mean to be 380.

The differences from the assumed mean are: -20, -15, -10, +5, +20, +25

Average of the differences = + 0.83333

Average Marks = Assumed Mean + Average Difference = 380.8333


Tip 3: Percentage of Change (Increase/ Decrease) = Difference/ Original Value * 100

If the expenditure in 2000 is 25% more than expenditure in 1997, then the income in 1997 is what percent less than the income in 2000?


Assume that Expenditure in 1997 is Rs.100. Expenditure in 2000 = Rs.125.

Profits in 1997 = Rs45 (45% of expenditure)

Income in 1997 = Rs145

Profits in 2000 = Rs75 (60% of expenditure)

Income in 2000 = Rs200                                                                                                     

Change in income from 2000 to 1997 = Change/ Original Value x 100 = 55/200 * 100 = 27.5%

Tip 4: Grasp the information from the chart visually to answer some questions very quickly
Question: Nearly 20% of the funds are to be sourced through?


Roughly a quarter of all the funds are to be sourced through this channel. Which implies a sector with an angle of around 90⁰.

The only sector with an angle close to 90⁰ is “External Assistance”.

(contd..) Tips on Answering Aptitude Questions on Data Interpretation - https://learningpundits.com/module-view/87-chart-data-interpretation/1-tips-on-chart-data-interpretation/

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