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Practice before Interview

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doing something over and over helps one master at it. Prepare a note of questions that had been already asked to the candidates who had attended the interview for the same company and same job profile and questions and answers, you consider, the interviewer may ask in the interview. You can refer a number of blogs and websites to get an idea about the questions asked by a specific company.

Practice those questions and answers by standing in-front of a mirror. Practicing in-front of a mirror will help you in observing your facial expression and confidence level, that means; while sitting in-front of the interviewer for interviewing, how would be your facial expression. If you are really confident on the responses you give, it automatically reflects on your face and your face starts displaying the positive aspects of your overall personality.

Let us have a look at a most common question asked in an interview and the best answer for that question. For example: - The interview is for the job position “Java Developer” to develop the front-end software system. (Experience: 0-3 Years)

Skills required: - Excellent knowledge of web technologies, JAVA/J2EE, SQL/Oracle, HTML, JavaScript, Windows and Unix/Linux. Good communication and interpersonal skills. Good understanding of object-oriented design and development. A candidate should be self-motivated and self-confident in handling tasks individually or with a team.

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Consultation is one of the biggest areas of interest for outstanding, job-hunting graduates and with the availabilities of variety in work and locations, and now the top consulting firms has started some real tough screening interviews. If you are interested to find a job in consulting, then this blog will definitely help you.

Here are 4 hints on how to take an approach to the case studies.

1. Find out what sort of exercise you were given

Just sort in your brain and you will know how to answer it best. Also, you need to understand what your interviewer is expecting you to demonstrate. You might be given a brain teaser, an exercise to make estimations or an analysis based study.

Go prepared with a few basic macroeconomic details that you can use (like the population totals for the world), and think your way via the problem in stages.

 Read more at : Tips And Strategy For Case Study Interviews 

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