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Best Job interview tips to land you in your dream job

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More often than not, interviewers notice that the candidates who are facing the interview without any preparation feel like; they are in the jail (interview room), seeing some horrible faces (interviewers) and the questions asked by the interview panel appears alien to them. Also, candidates feel that the interviewer is a buyer and he/she is a seller of their skills and the candidate who is good at selling, will get the opportunity.

So, to overcome the issue faced by the candidates while giving interviews in the interview room and the candidates who are preparing them-self for the interview - Here are some of the tips which will surely help in reducing the stress involved during the interview and best way to prepare for a job interview.

As you know that the practice makes a man perfect, the same logic works here. How much you do prepare, that much you will be comfortable, confident, and near to the success, means; your practice will make you comfortable while giving an interview, which can leave a great impression on the interviewer and increases the chances of getting employment.

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Interview questions come in various forms and types. So in today’s blog on career advice, we shall help you with tips to find useful during interviews. Preparing for an interview is really a difficult task. Because you won’t be able to go with all answers as you don’t know what could be the possible questions. But the best thing is that almost every interview question could be classified.

Here we mention five common types of interview questions with tips:

General interview questions :

What are they? They form the basis of almost every other question. They are asked to put the ball in your court.

When are they asked? They come up in almost every interview.

How to answer them: here you need your skills, experience, and personality that could match up with what the employer is looking for.

The worst thing you might do: Tell your life story which is unnecessary.

Example of Questions:

• Tell about yourself

• Tell about your weaknesses?

• Why there is a gap in work history?

• Why you applied for this position?

Career goal questions :

What are they? They are asked to know where you are in your professional life, and what your future plans are.

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Here are the best interview tips to land you a job.

Carry out a detailed study of the employer and the industry, so you are prepared for the interview question “Can you tell something about this company?” Try to recall what you have found out about the organization while replying to the questions. Get to know the interviewer’s name, and address it amid the interview. In case you do not know the name, enquire before the interview. Developing affinity and giving a personal touch can up your odds of getting the job. Employers tend to procure candidates they like, and who appear to be a solid match for the organization’s environment.

Be on schedule for the interview. On time implies five to ten minutes prior. In the event that need be, leave early to drive to the interview location early so you know precisely where you are going and how much time it will take to reach. Give yourself a couple of additional minutes to visit the rest room, check your clothes, and stay relaxed.

Rehearse your answers to the common interview questions and answers

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