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How to prepare Cat Exam .

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Wow. Well, thank you for asking this question! I’ll try to be as detailed as possible.

I joined coaching for CAT pretty early. My batch was one of the first batches at TIME Connaught Place. It started in August 2013 and regular classes were completed by May 2014. The rest of May and the entire June, I was occupied in my internship.

July is when the real prep started. I mainly prepared through:

  1. TIME Material
  2. Test Series (CL and TIME)

TIME material was pretty good, especially the advanced material they gave us after regular classes were over. (Note: If you are taking/buying this material from someone, make sure you get the basic as well as advanced material)

I also attended the TIME workshops regularly. The quant ones were interesting and entertaining. The Verbal ones on the other hand, were very average.

I also used a book called ‘Face to Face’, which is basically a collection of previous year questions of CAT. Attempting the past year papers is a MUST, if you are seriously preparing for CAT.

As anyone will tell you, the most important part of CAT prep is the mocks. Towards the end, I was taking one mock almost everyday. 

It’s absolutely essential to take as many mocks as you can and sit and analyse your mistakes in each of them. 
Develop a strategy through these mocks. Some people are comfortable attempting LR first, some quant. Try everything and do what suits you the best. It’s very important to stick to the time limit you decide for each section. 

I had decided to spend the first 75 minutes on the first section, then 75 minutes on second section and then the remaining 20 minutes reviewing the questions I have left. This also gave me the chance to decide which section to spend more time on.

As mentioned earlier, I had subscribed to both CL and TIME Test series. CL test series was much more helpful in deciding on a strategy than that of TIME, mostly because it was closer to actual CAT. The RC and CR questions in Aimcats were difficult and irritating.

Also, mocks help you to master the art of separating good questions from bad questions. There are certain questions in both the sections on which you should NEVER waste time. You might find the answer, but the question will waste a lot of your precious time. At times, you waste your time on such time consuming questions, only to end up missing out on some really simple ones. Such 'bad' questions should be attempted only after you have seen ALL the remaining questions. Using mocks, try to reduce the time taken to identify these 'bad' questions.

Did I use Pagalguy? No, because I had enough material already, solving it was more than sufficient. Pagalguy has been useful AFTER CAT, for all the result related discussions.

My advice to CAT’15 aspirants:

Stay calm, don't worry if you don't score well in initial mocks. Don't ever lose hope and be sincere and consistent in your efforts.
Don't waste time in watching movies or TV series. Don't gather unnecessary stress. Don't pollute your mind. Minimise distractions. Stay focussed on CAT.
Also, take enough breaks while studying, go out, exercise, meet people, do things that refresh your mind, not stress it.
And remember your goal: Increase speed, reduce errors.

Hope that helped! Feel free to ask for any other details or CAT related queries, I'll return the credits

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Start your preparation with sheer determination. Whenever you feel demotivated, you can dream about the day when you will crack the exam and it will definitely motivate you.

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I will never say that exam can not be cleared without the coaching there are many examples where people have achieved this fate. But coaching is good if you want guidance and want to have consistency with your studies. Now days even online coaching facility is available to save your time.

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