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Career Help needed please advice

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Hello, All I'm Karthik.. I have done my Diploma(10+3) Completed in 2009 I joined a BPO in 2011 and now I have around 6years experience in BPO now I have been laid off due to process closure. Now my is 30. I have decided not to get into BPO. Please what can I do. Few of my frnds have advised me to join a course for cloud computing and start my career in that. Even I'm interested in computers. So please can anyone suggest any another option or any advise to make my career stable. Expecting replies and suggestions as it would be more useful for my future.

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Yes you can join classes of cloud computing as you are really interested in computers

this will give your career a new hike 

There are some interview related advice you can also visit this blogs:

There are many job openings for freshers and in order to attend any of the interview you need to note down these interview questions for getting entry level engineering jobs.

1) Hello, How do you do?

This is a question to ask about your welfare. Reply with a smile. If you faced any trouble during the day just mention it in a positive way.


I am fine sir, thank you”.

I am fine maam, just that I need to face the traffic and therefore I woke up early”.

2) Introduce yourself

This acts as the first and the best impression creating question. You will increase the chance of getting hired if you answer it well.

Give a detailed description of your educational background, family, location and your hobbies.

Do not describe more than 3 to 4 sentences, keep it precise to the point.

Relevant major achievements can also be an additional flavor.

Do not talk about your strengths and weakness over here.


 Hi I am Ravi from Chennai. I completed my B Tech in computers from Sankara polytech. I have done my 12th from SNV mission and got 83 % in State board. I am second son two my parents and I love bodybuilding.

3) Describe your strengths

This is a very common question in HR interviews. This question is for self awareness and confidence to express it.

Be positive. You can just say you are an optimistic person.

As per the requirement of the interview you can change your answers.


I am an optimistic person with a determining attitude and an example for this line goes back in my 8th standard where I was not good in studies and pupils used to bully me after that I really got determined to show them that I can do well in academics.

4) Describe your weakness

This is a challenging question and you need to answer it diplomatically by mentioning a negative trait which is not from an organization’s perspective.


I am a workaholic and I don’t have time for myself.

By following the above mentioned tips you can use it for the latest job recruitment say for an off campus for mechanical engineers in Pune.

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Don't be much stressful. There are so many jobs available and I would like to suggest you that if you want to make your future career secure and want good earning then go towards UPSC examination. you will get further education facilities and good earnings too, only you have to do hard work and practice to crack the examination and interview which you can do it.



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