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Hi friends!!!


I am a vinay, B.E in Electronics and communication. I joined a MNC S/W company recently and they are training me on Oracle apps DBA from the past 1 month.


I just want to know about Oracle apps DBA as a career prospect as this field is totally new to me and the scope for this job at present scenario and also in the future.


I am asking this because the future releases of databases from Oracle (eg:10g) is going to be more automated and may have less of DBA work. So, this is just my concern about the future prospects of the DBA job.





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Hi,Currently Apps DBA requirement available in the market and package is also good. In future, may be work will be less and You should learn and improve your qualifications/skills in that area.In Computer field genearlly, you keep updated anytime.....You can decide,1. Your field is Electronics and communication, so why dont you learn c, c++, java in your area related stuff.2. Once decided you should learn technical as well as functional knowledge in Oracle Apps DBA. or any field.3. Multiple skill sets are required in future..thanksBala

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Hi Vinay can i have ur email address my id is yesudasmallipeddi@gmail.com

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