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want answers to diff codes in c/c++ very urgently

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hiii have my verizon exam to be held on saturday (ie. 15th april).plzz do help me regardin some of my doubts n its very very urgent as time is very less.plzz do help me asap.my email id is::supriyagupta07@gamil.com,,supriya_btechin1@yahoo.co.ini m sendin the questions as followin::CMRR. relates to (options not in order)voltage followernon invering amplifierinverting amplifierintegrator24. Messages are transferred in some E71 code, where after 7 bits of data,1 bit of stopping data is to be transferred. what should be done.options were like a) send directlyB) send after encoding etc.27. struct {char a[3];int b;}x;char *cp;a) size of x is 7.BB)c)d) cp takes the size of a pointer. (d ) is the ans.31 impedence of a p'lel resonant circiut at resonance:R.34.filtering can be done with:capacitor,iductor,both,none.36.two progs are given. one satrts counting frm 0 to MAX and the other stars frm MAX to 0. which one executes fast.may be Max to 0.Think of.it should be...39.voltage levels of rs232x:+12,-12.40.which of the following is not used for client/server. RPC,TCP/IP,MESSAGEQs None ans:may be none..66) What is the output of the following function if the following parameter is passed into the function as shown below function(" 12345"); long function(char *a) int n=O; int sign; sign =(*s=='')?1 : 1; if(*S == .2 11 *8 S++; for(;*s >='0'&& *s <=V; s++) n 10 * n + (*s V); return sign n; A) String 54321 B) String 12345 C) Long int 12345 D) Long int 54321 67) A function called total, sums up the elements of an integer array passed to it (as the first parameter). It returns the total value as an integer. The second parameter to the function is an integer, which contains the number of elements of the array. Identify the correct code snippet(s) which accomplishes the above task. A) int total( int numberso, int elements int total = 0, loop; for( loop = 0; loop < elements; loop++ total = total + numbers[loopl; return total; I B) int total( int numbers[l, int elements int total = 0, loop; for( loop = 01 loop <= elements; loop++ total = total + numbersiloopl, return total; C) int total( int numbersfl, int elements int total, loop, for( loop = 0; loop > elements: loop++ total = total + numbers[loopl; return total; D) int total( int numbers[], int elements int total, loop; for( loop = 0; loop < elements; loop++ total = total numbers[loop], return total, 68) Which of the following does not print the numbers from I to 10? A) maino int i; while (i<=10) printf("%d\n", i); j++; B) main() int i; i=O; do Printf("%d\n". ++i), while (i<10); C) maino int i; for (i=l ; i<=1 0; i++) printf("%d\n", i); I D) maino int i; i=O; do I printf("%d\n", ++i); while (i<=10); 69) char sl [] = 1"rhis is a string"; char s2a = "pqrs"; Identify the code snippet which returns the first location in the String sl where any character from the String s2 occurs Output: Searching for one of "pqrs" in the string '7his is a string" Located in position:3 A) for (i=O s2[ij !=AO', i++) for 0 = 0; ~1 U1 1=AO, if (s2[ij = sl Uj) ( if (POS = ?111 j < p0s) pos = j; B) for (i=O; s2fi] !=AO'; i++) for 0 = 0; sl Ul !=AO'; j++) if (s2[ij s 1 Uj) ( if (Pos ?111 j < pos) POS = j; C) for(i=Qs2[ij!='O';i++){ for 0 = 0; S' U1 !=V: j++) if (s2li] sl Uj) ( if (Pos ?111 j < pos) pos = j; D) for (i=O; s2fil 1= W; I++) for a = 0; slUl !=AO'; j++) if (s2[ij sl U]) ( if (pos 111 j < pos) pos = j. I 70) What could be the output of the following program? ffinclude < stdio.h > maino struct r char city[10]; Int pin; static struct r p =("mysore",20); static char nj] ="bangalore"; FILE *fp; fp= fopen("TRLAL",wb"); plzz do reply if anybody can be of any help 2 methankin in advancesupriya

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