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Guidelines before posting / using in this section...

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* This section is not created to defame any company / consultancy. This is just make the job seekers aware of 'Terms & Conditions' of some companies, so that they won't waste their time if they are not interested in such terms.


* All opinions expressed here by individual are purely 'personal' opinions and do not reflect the opinions of ChetanaS or the opinions of public. ChetanaS does not give any warranty for the information posted here and strongly suggests that you should not completely 'rely' on this information.


* If you differ with any content posted here or if you have a different experience with that company / consultancy, you can always reply to that particular post and express your version.


* The information here is only to make you 'aware' of the terms & conditions of some companies / consultancies. They should NOT be taken for granted, as these opinions are of individuals. Also some terms & conditions may apply only to few requirements and they are subjected to change with time. So individuals are requested to check the authenticity of information and not 'rely' completely on this.


* Also note that a company / consultancy cannot be fake just because they ask for money (sometimes as security deposit / bond)

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