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How to prepare CV in Professional Resume Formats

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Jobtardis provides the information about Professional Resume Formats and also about Resume Scanning Services for job-seekers. It is one of the best way to screen your resume. It shows the way how to create resume in professional formats so that recruiters will attract.

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There are no best formats for a resume. There is no universally or nationally set of guidelines on how a resume should be like. Its more misunderstood than understood. You can have a million resumes and all of them differing in something or the other. So any format maybe a so-called best format for a job seeker but it will certainly not be reckoned as best format by any recruiter. Here, recruiters are the centers and if they do not find any format as best, there is no point even attempting to make one. Hardly matters.

Let me throw more light on it.Imagine yourself to be a recruiter. You have got 10 resumes mailed by applicants. 3 of them went for resume writing services. Chances of them visiting the same service provider will be next to impossible. So we have three different formats. Getting back to the number. The rest 7 will have probably create a resume by themselves. So you have 10 resume and each of the resume will have different information allocation. Some will have contact details on top while some in the footer. Some will start directly with mentioning experience at the start of main body and some will choose to start with giving a snapshot of alma-mater So what is the moral of the story? It is that you being a recruiter will have a not so good time of opening up each file and scattering your vision all over just to find “where is what”?

Had all the resumes possessed same information allocation, recruiter would have been much happier. He/She isthe King/Queen unless your wish to have your resume nestled in your living room showcase to show off. So what a job seeker feel about his resume does not matter. He is only going through one and that too of himself. The recruiter will be going through hell lot and all of them being different and hence more time consuming and a “no swift activity” for the brain.

So here are the few tips which can make your resume easily read and hence more likely to not cause negative expression on the reader’s mind. That is, a recruiter.

Mention a summary at the top with keywords highlighted in bold. E.g.,

Possess a total of 4 years of rich marketing experience working with a leading brand in ceramic industry after accomplishing MBA in marketing from Xbusiness school.

Mention your Name and city on top as these are hell important. I would not want to have a rought start with any resume finding the city an applicant is located in.

Mention contact details in the footer. Why footer? Does any recruiter decide to call up/Mail straight away without going through the contents? So contact information can be pushed to the back seat.Plus, it will look organised just like books with page numbers or anything in the footer.

If you have worked with more than 2organisations, mention a snapshot of your experiences before elaborating them.Keep the experience as last to first order as your present or last worked organization matter more. Right?

If the kind of work profile you are in demands expertise in certain software, you cannot miss mentioning them. Your resume may be ignored if you miss them. As its very important. Highlight in bold wherever you may want to place it. So that a rapid scroll on your resume will still make the recruiter know it that you know them all.

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The objective for the freshers should be short and to the point like “to pursue a challenging career that gives scope to enhance my knowledge, skills and to reach the pinnacle with sheer dedication and hard work.”

You must also include your educational qualifications and if you have any extra training certifications then you need to include that for increasing your chance of getting hired.


While sending emails for job always use professional email ids. Do not use silly college ids as it will add as a negative impact in hiring you. Be professional by creating the id with your name and if it is very common please include numbers say your date of birth or age.


It is always good to prioritize your content for making it reach towards the employers. Do a research about the company, understand the company’s expectation with your profile, etc. Then design your resume accordingly and do not forget to include the entry level IT summary. You can also use Linkedin as an effective platform for seeking jobs. List all your skills at the top in bold to spot it clearly.


It is always good to be honest. Do not create fake certificates and try to get into higher positions just for huge pay scale. For some it may work but for some it may not and therefore don’t create any embarrassing situation for yourself and always include whatever you know and whatever you have been through and no extra stuffs. Be honest and get rewarded accordingly.

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here is the best way to write resume for experience candidates:

1. stick to employment only:

Name the section either “Work Experience,” “Work History,” “Employment Experience,” “Employment History” or whatever another title that compactly uncovers what the section involves

2. Formatting:

While there is no specific rule as far as formatting is concerned, you need to discover a resume pattern that is speaking to the eye. Many opt for columns, with info such as organization name, dates, and position .

3. essential components of your work history:

-Names of your past employers

– Last positions or designations you held in past jobs

– City and state of each organization.

these is the way  to write the resume for experienced candidate.


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  1. Select the best resume type. There are several basic types of resumes used to apply for job openings.
  2. Make it legible. Your resume should be easy to read. ...
  3. Be consistent. ...
  4. Keep it focused. ...
  5. Use resume examples and templates. ...
  6. Get creative. ...
  7. Carefully edit your resume.                                               


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Resume structure is important and some HR’s term such structure: resume format. These days, there are three fundamental formats, which could be utilized by any of the job aspirants, in light of their career path and experience level. Let’s see them one by one.

You should follow these guideline for professional cv:


The fundamental purpose of this format is to portray your skill-set and abilities. As it were, this particular structure will demonstrate your principle skills at the top and later on what you did and where. This resume format is for those, who concentrate on their hard skills a tad more, than portraying their career path. Try not to panic – you have to prepare a rundown of your most grounded skills and incorporate them into your resume the manner it would indicate you in the best light.


– You happen to be a job switcher
– You are a fresher graduate with lack of experience. 

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