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Both Training Institutes & Job Seekers must read below 2 sections.

Rules & Regulations for Training Institutes:

    [*]We (ChetanaS) have complete authority to approve / reject / add / edit / delete any posting. You do not have the rights to question us why your training institute's posting is rejected / modified / deleted.

    [*]By posting your training institute's advertisement here, you are agreeing to freely discuss about your institute / brand / facilities in this board or anywhere across ChetanaS Network. However the opinions of people are not counted as ChetanaS' opinions. You have to contact the individual persons if you want to make any clarifications or differ with their opinions. You can also post your clarifications in the board (by making a reply), but they are subjected to our approval.

    [*]If so many people feel that your institute is not upto the mark, we may remove your posting. No questions/clarifications allowed regarding that.

    [*]PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO POST ONLY ONCE IN A MONTH. I mean, there should be minimum of 30 days gap if you want to make a new posting. However you can modify your current posting any number of times you want.

    [*]Try to give complete details about your institute (WebSite, Location, Address, Contact Phone Number, Contact Mail ID, Technology in which you are offering training and any other relevant details.) Please note that postings with incomplete details will not get approved.

    [*]Be clear in Subject Line. It should convey the Name of Institute, Location and Technology in which you are giving training.

    [*]Do NOT overemphasize your facilities, training or some other information. Remember that people may post their opinions.

    [*]You can also mention if there are any additional discounts for Chetanaites (those who mention the reference of ChetanaS).

    [*]Please note that our website ( www.ChetanaS.com ) does not allow any postings by training institutes as of now. However after you make a posting in this forum, if we get a very good feedback from Chetanaites about you, then we MAY give you the privilege of adding your institute details at our website ( www.ChetanaS.com ) in future.


Rules & Regulations for those using this information:

    [*]We are giving this facility only to provide you detailed information about various institutes in various locations if you are actively searching for such training information.

    [*]We (ChetanaS) NEITHER guarantee the authenticity (or take the responsibility) of information posted here by training institutes NOR support them. Joining an institute completely depends on your decision. However you can freely discuss about the institute in this forum to know the feedback from other people.

    [*]When discussing (or asking) about an institute, make sure that you reply to that particular institute's posting and discuss it. Please do not discuss about any institute that has not made a posting here.

    [*]While making an allegation about an institute, make sure that you give your details and provide the facts. (You should be dare enough if you are telling the truth.). Do NOT get arrogant in discussions. Convey your point in polite way possibly with some facts.

    [*]If you decide to join any of these institutes, I suggest you to make a proper enquiry before joining.

    [*]Also read my article ("Looking to join a Job Guarantee Course or Training Program? BEWARE!") just to stay conscious about few facts.



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