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  1. hi friends does anybody have ibm 000-545 study material or dumps?or IBM 735 both of them are sql procedure developer exams One for 9.7 and another for 9.5 version.Thanks in advance.
  2. shv21456

    wat is teradata

    As per my knowledge they have also tools for datawarehousing.And after Db2 one of the widely used DB for mainframe systems.There is good future for it.
  3. shv21456

    Mainframe Tutorials

    few mainframe tricks here: Mainframe tricks
  4. shv21456

    Database Certification

    SQL is a language which is used in DBMS Oracle ,SQL server and DB2 etc are DBMS provided by different vendors/ companiesANSI SQL is standard which is followed in all DBMS and may have few variations but core remains the same in allAnd both SQL svr and Oracle DBA has demand.But my choice would be SQL server.hope this helps
  5. shv21456

    career at dataware housing?

    DWH has great demand and got very good scope, recently heard about big data analytics and its growing at rapid pace.all d best
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    What is the scope of Mainframe in 2011?

    most mainframe projects would be support and maintenance only, a very few enhancement but no real development Visit My Website