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  1. There were two systems A and B.14 Degree Celcius in A is equal to 36 Degree Celcius in B.133 Degree Celcius in A is equal to 87 Degree Celcius in B.Now what is the temperature where they both are equal?
  2. shekher009

    Coins puzzle

    A father had some coins. He distributed the coins to his 5 sons and 5 daughters and driver in the following.1 coin to driver, 1/5 of remaining to 1st son.again 1 coin to driver, 1/5 of remaining coins to 2nd son, and so on upto 5th son.The remaining coins he distributed equally to his 5 daughters. How many coins that the father had?
  3. After gathering 770 chocolates three girls divided them up so that amounts were in the same proportion as their ages. As often as mary took 4 chocolates, nelli took 3, and for every 6 that Mary received, Susie took 7. How many did each girl get?
  4. Hai Friends,I have completed my Btech (CCC) Computer Science and Enginerring, 2005 batch and would like to get information INTERNSHIP , please help.Any information proivded will be helpfull.Thanks in Advance.Regards,ChandraShekher.K