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    Small or a Big Company - I got into small company

    Yeah luck plays very important part these days as we have less jobs and more candidates applying for it. Devika P
  2. devikapathare

    Small or a Big Company - I got into small company

    I think we have to keep paitence these days as there is lot of competition these days. The first important thing is to make changes in your resume and approach for right job. Comapny size really doesnt matter unless you are doing your best. Devi P
  3. Very nice thought. Truly said its very easy to fall in love but staying and loving is more special
  4. I think there would have been no problem while joining as you had filled the academic gap certificate. Let us know how was your experience regarding this as i would also like to apply in such companies as I have completed my multimedia course from an animation institute in bangalore and interested in joining companies like Tata Interactive. So would like to know your experience regarding this.
  5. devikapathare

    career guidance

    Hi Devendra I think you should search for a job on basis of both the degrees you have and do a part time Java course. Doing a Course will always be a added advantage as you want a job in IT industry. I hope this will help you to make your decision. All the best for your future.cbse affiliated school
  6. devikapathare

    Need help in getting a job in embedded systems field

    Its surprising that you are not getting any job with all your qualification you mentioned. Why dont you try finding a job through some placement or agent or any website. About salary the company will have some standard salary for freshers. So you can tell your expectation if asked during interview.universal academy schools