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    I play hockey, football
  1. frankcastle

    Careers aspects in php ?

    I think you should stick to one basic field and become an expert in that particular field.If you keep changing field so abruptly then an employer might have doubts about your consistency and stability.
  2. frankcastle

    Technical Writing & Technical Writers

    Well I have an opening for the position of content writer in pune for web development company. If you are interested then do mail me at frankcastle509@gmail.com.send resume to this e-mail.Make sure to mention that you referred from this particular forum then I can give you details of the company and its location.
  3. Some companies strictly ask for exact figure and nothing like rounding is given preference.But this thing should not worry as u can try for some small companies will give you an opportunity to learn and empower yourself with new set of skills.
  4. frankcastle

    pl anyone teell for tis question

    I am really satisfied with this answer.Professional is someone who has gained a specialise knowledge on particular field and for which he is paid for his work and knowledge.doctor, engineer are well known profession.
  5. frankcastle

    how to face this situation...

    Tell them that you were trying to gain more knowledge by completing various training programmes under institutes.Tell them that you remained progressive about your knowledge and related field.
  6. I don't think you need to fear for any reason as you have got the joining letter from company.Just tell them the reason for educational gap for that period, if asked only.Leave the rest worries.