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    Suggesstion for My Career

    Hi Nithya,I can understand your situtation. Now adays not much openings for HR. Since you have IT background, so i suggest you to prefer PHP. This is easy to learn than other programming language. So be confident and join PHP course but not in CegonSoft.Even iam also from TamilNadu. Dont think about your past failure just look into your present not even future.All the Best.Suresh Saran
  2. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    what to choose software testing, cdac or SAP

    Software Testing...........................
  3. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    Unemployed and still a fresher since 2 years

    Hi Friend,I would suggest to do Software Testing Course (Manual & Automation). thisis the only profile dont need much programming skills in Software job. Try job by putting fake experience for 2 years or else go for PHP domain, it is easy to learn comparing with other programming language.If your are from bangalore then get into Qspiders software training institution - a best one in bangalore for all software coursesAll the best. Keep faith on yourself.Thanks,Human
  4. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    Good Institute for PHP in Bangalore

    How about the training given by INspire GEC.
  5. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    Good Institute for PHP in Bangalore

    Thanks for all your help
  6. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    Good Institute for PHP in Bangalore

    Hi Friends,I have decided to do PHP course to improve my career. It would be helpful if anyone of you could suggest good institute to get trained in PHP.Thanks in advance.Surrey
  7. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    Job Portal with company contact information

    Hi guys,There was some website which provide job vacancy details with complete information. We can fix interview by looking at the requirement.one year back i used to search job in this type of website but now i totally forgot the website address.If possible can anyone get me the website address?Thanks in advance.Surrey
  8. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    Job Eligibility

    Pramoth,Now a days companies are not looking for percentage, but atleast you should secure 60% in graduation. Dont think much about academics, concentrate on your domain. You will get job only with positive attitude.All the best for your future.Thanks,Human Being
  9. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    Fun Question : Which MNC has best looking girls

    Girls looks nice at look but dont have good heart.So its just waste of time.
  10. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    Excellent Website For Jobs

    Hi,Thanks for all you help.Your work appreciated.Thanks,Human
  11. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    Career Advice

    Hey Dude,Thanks for all your help.Suresh
  12. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    Career Advice

    Hi Gud Heart's,I had completed MCA in 2004, but still not able to findout Software job. Now i have plan to learn PHP. Can anyone please suggest good institute in bangalore.Appreciate your help.Thanks,Unlucky buddy
  13. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    Testing training center in Bangalore

    Hi Friend,You take my word - QSPIDERS- One of the best and good institute in bangalore. It is located some where near Basavanagudi. If you want more information please login to www.qspiders.comAll the best for your bright future.ThanksSuresh the King
  14. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    Suggesstion for My Career

    Hi Varsha, First of all i have thank for your suggestion. I have already done a Testing Course with CegonSoft Pvt Ltd, Now i feel more confident in Testing Concept. I hope i can do best in future. I will go through Qspiders Institute. I feel more happy for your reply, usually people dont bother about others. But you are something different from other by helpiing people. God Bless You. Thanks Suresh
  15. suresh.cwt@gmail.com

    Suggesstion for My Career

    Hi Friend's,Iam a MCA graduate passed out in the year 2004. Presently am working in BPO into Non Voice Profile. I know i wasted 8 Years of my career. But all happens due to my situation. I am part of BPO for last 5 Yrs, not satisfied with this profile as a MCA graduate. Initially i worked as a System Admin for 3 Yrs in a Hotel. That day's i was thinking of Software job and i quit from System Admin profile as many of my friends suggested to look job into software. I have started learning Software Testing Course and i tried for almost a year did not get any software job. I came from middle calss family so i dont have good financial support and my last option was BPO and got into this profile. When i think about my future, i was simply blank. But still am trying for software job putting fake experience to cover up all my academics breaks. So please anyone suggest for my future. Thanks,Suresh