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  1. How about people from this forum meeting at some place on holidays and conduct interviews for each other. Or may be someone who has had HR knowledge conduct these for practice? I think it will help everyone, though everyone might not like to meet, but atleast people with similar skills can, and from the same city, if they desire. Will this be of help? Regards, Deboo
  2. What is the exact difference between the two? What is the job of a real System Admin? And what are the things a Net Admin has to do? As far as what I have seen, employers/recruiters mention in their ads, both these jobs overlap and are mixed with.Please comment.Regards,Deboo
  3. deboo

    How Often You Should Update Your Resume

    I read and keep re-reading my resume every 3 - 4 days and almost every time I go thru it, I find some sentence I am able to better or change to a shorter one or add a skill or work I had done at that employer that I had forgotten to add. This way I am able to keep my resume updated on the job sites every few days or atleast once a week. May be others can do the same. This way you are also unknowingly very familiar with what you have written in your resume.
  4. deboo

    Do you have any questions for us ?

    What to say if you left the last job due to a failure of promised payment increment within a given period? I have already replied to an interviewer the truth when he asked why did I leave the last job. Should one tell this truth or hide this? Chetana Ma'am please reply. Regards, Deboo
  5. deboo

    How Often You Should Update Your Resume

    Atleast on Monster I have seen that after updating my resume, I got more emails from employers/recruiters. Later I read somewhere that updating the resume makes our resume at the top of the search lists. So if you want to top the employers' / recruiters' lists, u p d a t e often.
  6. deboo

    Guide me for doing CCNA certification

    There are people who are certified but do not have hands-on experience. There are people who have hands-on experience but not certified. Then there are people who have hands-on experience and are certified too. If you are getting hands-on routers and switches already, then go ahead for your ccna. But if not, then too there are a few companies who take up ccna freshers these days. So see where you want to be in the next 2 years and act accordingly.Regards,Deboo
  7. I need a list of IT companies between Thane and Dadar area and the ones in Seepz. Does anyone know where can I find this info? Regards, Deboo
  8. Dear Swarnendu,I have the same problem too but unlike you, I have good experience. My gap is not in my educational career but in my work career. I tell the truth that I was in to my family business for these many years. And it's accepted if you are confident. I was not asked any questions after this answer at many interviews. So, ask yourself what were you doing in this gap and frame a good answer. Maybe others can help you better on this.Regards,Deboo
  9. I am looking for a company within a few areas and not all over the city or country. There are not too many companies here. I got a walkin interview chance for the company I wanted to apply. So the cover letter was not needed. I researched how to prepare a nice resume and cover letter and took some time to better them and make them error-free. My first and the following interview also went fine. I followed up each interview with a nice thank you note too, and then a phone call. In the second interview, they said that they will inform me a day later if they will hire me or not. But it's almost a week I have not heard from them. How should I proceed? Should I send my resume along with a cover letter? If yes, what kind of cover letter since I did not send any cover letter the first time? I'm a little confused if I should just send a normal cover letter or one like the follow-up cover letter. I have added 3 sentences of important info to my resume which people call top selling points. So should I send this new resume with the cover letter? Can someone please advise soon ? Thanks a lot. Regards, Deboo P.S.: It will be helpful if someone can give a link to IT company addresses in Mumbai.
  10. I would expect atleast Chetana Ma'am would comment/reply.
  11. I've posted my resume HERE It will be helpful if everyone can view and post comments what I should do to make my resume better. What should I remove or change? I tried to make it one page by shrinking all white space but still 4 lines go to the second page, so I let it remain at 2 pages. Please comment. Regards, Deboo
  12. Now this is again confusing me since on the Resume Tips page at chetanasinterview.com it is mentioned: From the Resume Tips: I was also told not to include a cover letter. They said, "it's not important these days and not needed. When I asked, "why then is there a cover letter option on clickjobs.com?" They said, "since it's a portal and employers first read the cover letter before reading a resume". I have never before used a cover letter for jobs. Only after reading the Resume Tips, I changed my resume a lot and also made 2 or 3 nice cover letters. In one case, I did not get a reply from a consultant for many days after I sent them my resume. So, I sent them my resume again, along with a cover letter and at the top, mentioned that I was resending my resume. I instantly got a phone call. So, should we include a cover letter or not? Also, elsewhere someone suggested not to use more than one page for my resume and that person is from the same tech. field I am from. Still he said, "no more than one page" and "omit the jobs which are outside the field or irrelevant to the position you are applying for". And, "in a general manner, its good to have a different resume for each job you apply to, targeting it towards the requirements of the job applied for. Having a general resume for all jobs is bad business." Regards, Deboo P.S.: My previous post in this thread was meant to be two posts but got mixed up. Can someone please move this thread to the career helpline please?
  13. I read elsewhere on the forum asking if there should be a resume service. I could not find that url. I would like that there be a resume service here but if possible, please charge a medium fee. Jobsahead, Naukri, Clickjobs - all ask a high fee for the service. Can you also post some sample resume formats for as many different types of jobs as possible? For tech. and non. tech. resume? Even after using many of the tips from the resume writing tips page, I got a lot of negative feedback from clickjobs resume assessment. Doesn't mean that the resume writing tips were wrong, but some things I guess are just missing from the tips page and would help everyone if included. But this is confusing for me as some things told by clickjobs people contradict to what is said on the tips page. I am including below the negatives about my resume as told by them. Please, can you comment on these and tell me what is really the right way? These are the things I was told to change: 1. Do not put the word "Resume" or "CV" . There is no need for this nowadays so remove it. 2. Do not put t any "headers" in your resume document. (I had put a mice header which included the title of job I want plus my years of experience. Is this wrong? I put it only after reading the resume tips article). 3. Do not put the summary in to a box and also do not have a box for your personal details. Put them plain. Put the most important summary first. 4. Instead of putting the word "Resume". just put your full name in the top center, your address on the top left, your email and phone on top right. That's all that is needed on the first page from personal details. Your D.O.B. and languages known should go at the end of the 3rd page or last page. Remove the "nationality" and "marital status" from personal details. They are not needed. 5. Put the word "professional qualifications" instead of technical qualifications. 6. Put the computer skills on the third page. 7. Use the word roles instead of "responsibilities". 8. Do not mention the place of company in each of th e work experience headings. 9. Remove the "miscellaneous" heading which is at the end of your resume and remove the contents too. After I explained that those were some projects I did as a freelancer, they said, "do not put the Miscellaneous" heading, just mention these with bulleted text without a heading at the end, but before the D.O.B. and languages known). Regards, Deboo
  14. deboo

    To MNC or not, that is the question!

    I am waiting for others' suggestions too. Will full time grad. be possible along with a job? Does that mean 5 years of studying full time? Please expalin what you mean by 'salaried employee'. I hope others will reply too. Regards, Deboo
  15. Maybe this is the case in MNCs only where they make you fill up the forms. I did not have to fill any forms even in the reputed company I worked for 2 years. But I certainly filled up this kind of form for Sutherland Global. Small forms and many medium-sized firms also, I think, do not fill such forms. Or may be I am wrong and this has started now? Is it that way now? But anyway, even if I need to fill that info, I will get an opportunity for the interview, yes or no? Regards, Deboo