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  1. murali_narayanam

    How to crack elitmus test?

    Hey friend Good to know that you have been trying to write Elitmus. I gave the exam twice. I guess I can help you out. You can't find any old question papers online. that's for sure. as the portion says there are three parts 1. Problems solving2. Quantitative aptitude3. Comprehension They were generally given in the same order with each set comprising of 20 questions in each set.All the questions can be broken down.. it's just the matter of time..and Hence remember Time management is necessary,There'll be no antonyms or synonyms..so start with Comprehension first or quantitative ability.Problems solving contains an unknown topic known as CRYPTOARITHEMATICS..you can find how to solve those problems from online..remember they will 5 question on the same problem of this topic if you are able to solve you can do way too good. don't try to justify all the 3 portions of paper.. if you are afraid on looking at the questions..if you want a minimum calls.. you should score.. atleast 75 percentile in comprehension,90 plus in atleast one of remaining and the other should be atleast 70percentile for all the companies to call you..remember this is just the first step.. Even if you Got way too good score.. remember that there are companies which consider your Graduation or PG percentage as basis for shortlisting.. and there are also companies which don't consider them at all like MU-SIGMA.. Yet.. you need introspective skills.. like High presenece of mind e.t.c.. I wish you all the best.. If you have any other queries.. you can contact me on murali4u10@gmail.com
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/368379753174017/join in this groupwe can post updates here
  3. I would say yes and lets do something about it
  4. After recruitment and before assigning batches companies usually have certain limit( number ) to reach so as to launch the batch into training, and the next recruitment is going to be held in the month of March
  5. Hey guyz did you add any certifications info..?
  6. Let's hope we would get some lead on this.
  7. I don't think so friend. As I'm from ECE domain. and I didn't got the call.
  8. I'm not sure why r they doing this,possible reason could be-> They have necessity for ITES. I don't know exact info. It's just assumption.->ITIS is a part of IT only, to be precise ITIS is same as infra, where the domains include Mainframes, Database maintaninance, Networking, AS400 e.t.c, -> Both ITIS and IT are good but, ITES is more like a non technical job, ITES includes B.P.O's, K.P.O's , Tech Support e.t.c
  9. Even last year few people got the joining dates very late.try visiting this url and read all their posts. http://www.elitmus.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=10044
  10. Hey don't fry your brains with this issue friend... chill out. Don't loose hope. You can mail campus@cognizant.com if you are loosing hope.If they don't want to give joining dates why would they recruit on the first hand. Lets be practical. As far as I know once we got our offer lettter means we are part of the company. We got the offer letter along with TFF username and password. So we are into the company it's just matter of time friend. Once I know the updates for sure I'll definitely let you know.
  11. It is because a similar incident happened earlier( few years ago ) too and they got joining dates ..
  12. Yes sure that we will get joining dates.. even if it is late we will get our joining dates for sure..
  13. I have a couple of my seniors from college already working at CTS and a friend is there in CTS under training at present. They are not sure but that is what new that is being carried. I can confirm in two days if it is ture..
  14. I have a couple of my seniors from college already working at CTS and a friend is there in CTS under training at present. They are not sure but that is what new that is being carried. I can confirm in two days if it is ture..
  15. I think we need to wait till may or April. People have been saying that there are no posts in IT sector of CTS at present. But, once they have opening they will call us for sure and this is not the first time it happened it seems..