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  1. They (elitmus) are asking to pay and register for a ph test. Is it a genuine one or a fake site simply collecting money and conducting test ?? Anyone who has taken their tests in the past, please confirm !!
  2. Dear Sir/Madam,Iam anusha and i have completed my B.tech in 2006 in IT with 62% aggregate. I 'll be thankfull to you if you can give me reference.
  3. Hi avinash , I have a small doubt. In the problem its given as how many cubes are painted atleast 2 sides. I suppose this means cubes painted on 2 sides and 3 sides and 4 sides and 5 sides and 6 sides also right. Then can u pls explaing how to solve for remaining sides. In the solution uve only mentioned for 2 and 3 sides. Can u plss explain for the rest
  4. Hi all,It was mentioned in the freshers forum that there are two openings in wipro for freshers but when i try to go to the careers site and submit my resume or that form its asking for experience and its star marked and i happen to be a fresher without any experience now how do i submit my resume cud anyone plss help me out.
  5. anusha


    Hi Vineela,I have a small doubt is this recruitment really for freshers or is it for candidates having 1 or 2 years experience bcoz the experience field is star marked and iam not able to submit the form or resume until i mention some experience.....I happen to be a fresher and i dont possess any work experience. Can u kindly help me out on this issue and tell me how to apply for wipro.
  6. anusha

    tcs plz give ans

    hi karuna iam quite confused with dis question. If i solve according to da approach mentioned by u iam getting da ans as the D bit and not B. Bcoz for B we get Standard Dev as 0. Am i right. Plss tell me
  7. Hi all,I ve applied for TCS jus a couple of days back and i got a mail from TCS saying that ive been shortlisted for TCS exam on 8th of October. Iam a 2006 passout but my problem is that iam having one backlog of 4-1 semester and that exam is scheduled in november. Wat shud i do? Shud i write da TCS exam or ignore that mail and give the exam later after clearing that left out backlog. But iam well prepared for da written test. Unfortunately bcoz of da backlog iam in a dilemma.Plsssssssssssss sugggest me something. Mam pls give me ur valuable advice
  8. anusha

    tcs very very important question

    hi rekha can u tell me how u got 12.40 by reducing 320 min in the above prob.
  9. anusha

    doubts in infosys puzzles

    Its 2100010006hi sindhura above ans is 4 da 3rd question
  10. Q)When Lee was thrice as old as Kevin,His sister Kate was twenty-seven.When Kevin was half as old as Kate,Then brother Lee was thirty-eight.Their ages add to one forty three.How old are Kevin, Kate and Lee?
  11. 3. The size of a program is N. And the memoryoccupied by the program is given by M = square root of100N. If the size of the program is increased by 1%then how much memory now occupiedAns)Wen size of prog is N bytes Mem size is 10Sqrt(N)Now size is increased by 1% so new size=N+1/100N=101N/100Wen size N ____ Mem size 10sqrt(N)wen size 101N/100_____Mem size is:101N/100 * 10sqrt(N)_________________ =10.1sqrt(N) : Ans N
  12. 1. In Madras, temperature at noon varies according to -t^2/2 + 8t + 3, where t is elapsed time. Find how much temperature more or less in 4pm to 9pm.Ans)Substitute 4 in eqn:v get (-16/2)+8(4)+3=27Substitute 9 in eqn:v get (-81/2)+8(9)+3=69/2Difference=7.5Therefore temp is 7.5 units more at 9pm.
  13. 1. In how many ways can 12 different books be divided equally amonga) 4 sets or groups 4 persons Ans : a) 15400 3696002. If 7 parallel lines are intersected by another 7 parallel lines, find the no. of parallelograms thus formed. Ans : 441
  14. HiCan clark be the clerk and bennet be the cashier