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  1. Hello Chetana Mam,This group helps me a lot to know about that what a Company expects from us.I am really thakful to you for helping people like me.I am a silent member of this group.I belongs to 2007 batch and I got placed in Satyam Computers after struggling for 9 months.The companies which i couldnt make through areInfosys-failed in written (eventhough i prepared a lot)Tcs-cleared written but failed in interview(due to lack of preparation)ts-failed in writtenL&T-failed in writtenwipro-failed in writtenIgate-failed in writtenIflex-failed in writtenSiemenns-failed in writtenCybernet solutions-failed in writtenCEI india pvt ltd-failed in writtenAricent-failed in writtenSatyam-cleared written,G.D,Interview.In G.D what they are seeing is our confidence level.How far we are expressing our points is very important.Be loud when you speak even if you can able to cover 2 points its enough but with confidence and loudness.In our group there are 11 members and from that they selected 4 mambers for Interview.Interview was very cool.Dear guys and gals dont loose hope be confident that definetly your day will come.Its not too far from you its nearing you. ALL THE BEST
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    Success Story - 'Geetha'

    Hi Geetha, This is srividhya.Amazing success story of yours.I am a 2007 batch and i got placed in Satyam Computers.I want to know about the working condition in Satyam.I am an E.C.E. student whether i can able to manage with the programming aspects which will be be based on Java.Please reply to my mail as i am in need of some good suggestion from you people and i hope it will help me a lot. Regards srividhya. .