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    The processor of any device carries out instructions that allow the player to operate properly. A firmware file stores these instructions and relays them to the processor. The firmware file allows the manufacturer to release updates to correct problems or install new features. Deleting a firmware file from your portable media player may result in rendering the unit inoperable. Firmware Development is relatively a gray area for many. One can hire a team confident of its abilities in coding and programming to exhibit their rare expertise in developing custom firmware. Such consultant team offers end-to-end support for firmware development that starts out with identifying the product specifications and ends with testing for quality and environment. They deliver faster uptime for various boards and have successfully addressed the inherent limitations of different hardware devices. Firmware development started out as a fairly simple process, programmable logic added yet another development tool to the coding process. Most programmable logic vendors provided free or low cost logic compilers. There are numerous companies outsourcing their services for firmware development of other companies. Some of them provide end-to-end services to its customers in the payment industry. Apart from delivering payment applications, they also do embed / firmware development work on POS Terminals, Contactless Terminals, Mobile Phones and Card Readers. Some offer a complete service for the development of customized software in all phases of the life cycle including analysis, architecture, implementation, integration, testing and maintenance. They can take on the entire implementation or act in a supportive role.