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    Fresher/student live project

    Hi All,I would like to have a discussion regarding the using of exception in Real time project.Date - 11-12-2011Time - 8.30pmDuration - 45 minutes.Location - onlineNote - If anybody wants to join the session, send a mail to tomba.iyer at gmail dot com.Thanks,Tomba
  2. tomba.iyer

    Fresher/student live project

    The success of Live project is purely depend on the capability and interest of the team member.In order to know the weak and strong point of team member, Please do send the resume in doc format.Thanks,Tomba
  3. tomba.iyer

    Fresher/student live project

    Live project for fresher/student can be categorically divided into two1. Exposure to the environment.2. Technology implementation.Exposure - There are many tools used in the live project, how to used all those tools etc.Implementation - The technology used in the project. Example java etc,If you want to have the experience of live project. Please send a mail to tomba.iyer@gmail.comThings to know:-1. Should have an internet connection and own system, what we call as work from home, may be from college.2. Development model - agile methodology. Should attend online meeting regularly.3. The project milestone demo can be attended by the college internal guide.4. Team member 6. Excluding code reviewer and team Manager.5. The project shall be lead by an experience person.6. The progress of the project can be track by the college internal guide.7. Should have a basic knowledge of java.8. No code submission without code review.9. Online tutorial.Technology 1. Java/J2ee, Spring and Hibernate2. Web server - Tomcat3. Target system - WindowsXp/linux4. Application type - web based application5. Data base - MySQL7. IDE - Eclipse8. Front end - JSF9. Build tool - maven10. Code control - SVN11. Logging framework - log4j12. Code review tool - JCRWho are we? If you are curious to know more, please drop a mail to tomba.iyer@gmail.comThanksIyertomba.iyer@gmail.com
  4. tomba.iyer

    Live project for final year MCA

    1. Live project for final year - very few genuine company provide the live project to student/fresher. There are many reason behind this. Student/Fresher project Training institute Most of the training institute will promised that the student/fresher will be put in a real time project, I doubt how many training institute keep their promised. I hope you will get ready made 100% executable code, document to be submitted and completion certificate. If anybody is satisfied with the above condition, training institute is the best option. Ready made project Another option, get the ready made project from internet, freind or senior. Almost all the students/freshers used any of the above means to submit the project. Doesn't it mean that, most of the student want to be a part of the live project. No, every students/fresher want to be a part of the live project. Meaning of live project to the fresher/student 1. Exposure 2. Implementation Exposure - There are many tools used in the live project, how to used all those tools etc, etc.... Implementation - The technology used in the project. Example java etc, etc ...... Here the training institute can impart the technology related knowledge where as they cannot give the exposure to the tools used in the live project. And the company cannot spend time on the student/fresher to explain their process and technology. Then who can provide both the facility to the students/freshers? There is a way ....... How? Thanks Iyer tomba.iyer@gmail.com